Saturn in 7th House

Those born with their natal Saturn in the 7th House direct tremendous reserves of loyalty, commitment and devotion into relationships, and are highly oriented toward maintaining life’s partnerships. The 7th House ruled by Libra is the cosmic dating agency and relates to marriage, our enemies, love, relationships, friendship circles, collaboration and romantic possibilities.

Libra’s traditional ruler, Saturn, finds a home in the 7th House, though mentors a strict discipline which may involve an overwhelming emptiness and isolation, and a bundle of stress and inner anxieties when it comes to relationships. Love may be hard to find here, but when they find it, Saturn will have sent the zodiac’s most precious gift package.

Saturn in the 7th House hold marriage and commitment to high regard, and never enter arrangement lightly. These individuals confront harsh feelings of self deprecation and inadequacy, and often question their self worth in the midst of relationships. Saturn in the 7th House may experience intense anxieties or unease in the social realm and feel drained of all traces of their self identity in the company of others. These individuals tend to build unnecessary walls in relationships, and cultivate decisions and actions based on irrational fears, the undeserving feeling and an intrinsic distrust of the people around them.

Saturn here constantly seek validation in relationships, and will often be attracted to those who exhibit a stable, mature, calming and practical aura. There is the indication of marriage to a partner who is considerably older, carries much societal affluence, or one which will occur late in life. The relationship orb for Saturn here denotes their greatest trauma, where partners may be indifferent, uncaring, detached or abusive at its worst. Professions relating to Saturn’s placement in the 7th include politics, business, law and justice and real estate.

Saturn in the 7th House use the presence of others to repress their own feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. The cosmic disciplinary may force these individuals to repeat life themes until the lesson is learnt, and the constant wrestling of the ‘missing’ feeling, the empty void, the desire for the touch of another but the urge for solitude leaves Saturn here with an arduous inner life.

Until Saturn has done its first return at age 30, it is likely marriages will fail, and many are drawn toward Earthy and Fixed types. Saturn in the 7th House confront the hourglass planet’s famous time delays in love and may feel as if they will be alone forever, nursing their own solitude, and dreaming of the arms wrapped around their waist.

Saturn in the 7th House

The seventh house rules partnerships and marriages. That is, the seventh house reveals the way you relate to your closest friend/partner or enemy. This house opposes the first. The first house signifies the way you project your energies towards others, while the seventh house signifies the energies you project onto others, and the energies you are looking for in a close relationship. You can think of it as that part of your own energies you want resonated or boomeranged from your partner.

The seventh, Libra, and Venus are all related. Venus rules relationships involving warmth and love. The seventh house is not naturally connected to love. Successful marriages are a combination of seventh house (partnership) and fifth house self-expression (love). Saturn in the seventh house may mean a number of things. If we follow the energy resonance line of thinking then you are probably drawn to saturnine people. You may very well have fewer relationships.

While in a relationship you may feel weighed down by a sense of responsibility which may turn you off relationships. Or, you may find it difficult to build bridges with someone else. That may in turn keep you away from relationships. Don’t let this happen to you. Be aware of your predilection. Know that you might be the kind of person who takes relationships more seriously than most. Be aware that your sense of responsibility makes you a very good partner. Your partner benefits from your attitude. Advertise yourself as someone who might not get into relationships easily but when you do, they last forever.

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