7 House in Scorpio

The seventh house in Scorpio means that this person attracts influential and powerful partners. The main thing that must be feared is so much rubbish, jealousy and excessive possessiveness. This individual needs reliable, loyal and loyal partners who can work hard with him. This person suppresses their feelings, which is experienced in their attitude towards their partner. Therefore, with time and develops jealousy, manifested for any reason.

People with the 7th house in Scorpio do not like to enter into clashes with the law and do not advertise their affairs. Of course, in business partnership violations of contracts are often encountered. The enemies of this man are very surprised at the astonishment and poisonous, in any case, it seems to him himself. In his relations with enemies, this individual is emotionally intolerant and even aggressive. For him it is important — to fight with the enemy own their emotions. At the enemy, he should learn the ability to internal change and perseverance.

In itself, you need to learn to pacify the thirst for destruction — in fact yesterday’s opponent tomorrow may well turn out to be an excellent partner. And such a companion relationship, this subject often falls into various emotional extremes, from suspicion to anger, and at the same time tries to manipulate other people. Very often the relationship is broken for a long time in order to then resume at a different level. He needs to protect his partner from the ostentatious world, and not pinch him at any opportunity. Then the partners will be sufficiently responsible and reliable.

In a marriage, these people are usually very jealous, both sexually and socially, can not tolerate any friends of their spouse. This is a very complex style of marriage relations and it requires a high degree of intimacy. This is achieved by great difficulty, and all the time is necessarily violated. This should be treated with humility and restore patient relations, each time building them in a new way. As a result, we will get a stable connection with a sufficiently reliable and ready-to-protect hearth — a partner.

Such a subject is thorough and stable and if he succeeds in finding a partner that will complement his character, he will remain with him for a very long time. This is suitable, both for marriage and for business partnership. There may be extra jealousy and problems related to relationships in sex. Bad relationships with your partner may well lead to a deterioration in health. In the partner, he is most attracted by spontaneity, for which he himself will be devoted to him, and from him he will demand the same. The most important thing for a happy life of this person is to be able to choose your soul mate sensibly.

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