Sun in 7th House

When your sun is in your 7th house you define yourself by your significant relationships. The relationships that fit within the confines of the 7th house are typically described as equal partnerships…so this is often considered the house of marriage. When your sun is placed here you define yourself by your primary relationship. You tend to find ways in conversation to bring up your partner and the relationship that you share together and that is where you like other peoples focus to be.

As a 7th house sun you are likely the kind of person with lots of pictures of your partner in your place of work and it’s unlikely that anyone (even an acquaintance doesn’t know that you are in a relationship). Your friends may well know more about your partner and your relationship to them than they know about you. This can be a bit of challenging placement of the sun, because when you are defined by your relationship to other it can bring about co-dependence and reluctance to leave relationships, even when they are unhealthy.

Because if your sense of self is seen through the eyes of your lover, then what happens when you lover leaves you or when you need to leave your lover. With this placement it can be deeply challenging to not be in a relationship or to be in an unhealthy relationship. If you define yourself by your relationship and by how your partner sees (as well as how the world sees your partner and your relationship) what happens when you are single or get divorced?

Digging further into how you frame yourself, when you define yourself by how people see your partner and how they see your relationship it can be difficult be honest when things aren’t working and it can be difficult to be able to see your partner clearly. If you have this placement it is important to choose your relationship carefully because an unhealthy relationship can be deeply damaging to your sense of self.

Because of what is stated above I feel that this placement can be challenging but I strongly believe that when something is challenging it also has the greatest reward for mastery. This is absolutely true with this sun placement. When run in light this placement enables us to completely see and experience life through the eyes of the other. Octavio Paz has poem that perfectly describes this placement… it is called Across and in it he describes the experience of suspending your own perception and even perhaps consciousness for a moment in time in order to see life through the eyes of the other. It is here for anyone who is interested.

So this placement is the gift of enhanced perception, it means that we can see with perfect clarity all angles of relationship. Which opens up the gateway to forgiveness and compassion on a deep and profound level. This placement gives us the power to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously and to act selflessly and do what is best for the partnership even when it is challenging for the self.

Sun in the 7th House

You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You are motivated to become well-liked, and you are especially sensitive to rejection. One of the lessons in your life may be to avoid putting harmony and others’ opinions of you above your own needs. Use your social skills and seek out peaceful relations with others, but try not to over-identify with your partnerships and the way you are received by others.

Alternate Interpretation: You are interested in relationships and you do better in life when you undertake tasks with others rather than pursue them alone. You love to share and you give yourself in great measure to your partner. You must learn not to put your objectives aside just because of your compliant nature. You will be successful with the associations that you form and also with people in general thanks to your good manners and charm.

This astrological position suggests eventual success in marriage. You should not hurry yourself nor let impatience get the better of you; the union will reach the promised success when you both have matured. You will choose an authoritative, strong and capable partner of whom you feel proud. You are likely to win every judgment or legal litigation in which you find yourself involved.

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