7 House in Taurus

The seventh house in Taurus is people of this type, striving for partnership, in any case, to get a good profit. They devote enough time to their neighbor, because they are ready to constantly invest in it all the time and their means. And, they want to make the partner exactly what they want to see him. Therefore, several associates belong to their co-owner. And in business, such people easily and quickly establish any relationship that will bring real and fast income.

Sometimes, in exceptional cases, only to benefit, they can take drastic measures, but at the same time, they must find the support of reliable employees. Of course, without such partners, it will be rather difficult, and, attract, only the rich and respectable.

In their partner they invest everything and to him, they never get greedy, they are even ready to spend any money on rather expensive gifts. With their enemies, these people act stubbornly and ruthlessly. In this struggle, they prefer all known tricks and do not want to change them. But they choose the war in the opposition and lead it out of strong fortifications. Most often, these people get serious opponents who give time to prepare for a difficult struggle. It is likely that outbursts of anger and sometimes even self-doubt.

In partnership, people with the 7th house in Taurus simultaneously combine both mind, practicality, and friendliness. Joint goals of teamwork, in any case, are achieved. Sometimes it happens that they take out the surrounding people with their coldness and sluggishness. But they are quite capable of pulling a load with heavy luggage. But this can not be abused, because the reliability and patience of people of this type have their limits.

This person is full of strength and demands. Such a person wants an intelligent, gentle and attractive partner. Because of his inherent stubbornness and stupid intractability, with great difficulty endures partnership. Only if he is allowed to do everything in his own way, or he will learn, though a little to adapt to his neighbor.

Persistence makes this person very faithful. But, if, however, this type of personality endows the other with its location, it will not change its affection, only because of unexpectedly changed circumstances. His mind cools feelings, although the sentimentality of this person is also present.

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