7 House in Virgo

If the 7th house in Virgo is something, these people are attracted by those who are able to work successfully and can help in the implementation of practical programs. This person is steadfastly aimed at communication with pragmatists and business people. In general, he achieves certainty. Scrupulously fulfills any clause of the treaty on mutual obligations, and at the same time is confident that others do the same. Marriage relations are stable and strong enough, but if you do not focus on different things.

In collective activity, a person with a 7th house in Virgo is not easy to make a choice and make a decision, he is law-abiding, only not initiative. Opponents, as he sees it, sometimes tear it apart. Therefore, it is very difficult to decide on the resistance and is in combat readiness. This type of person, can not accurately determine the strengths or weaknesses of enemies. It is not easy for him to understand that both the opponent and his partner can differ completely from himself, because he is inclined to translate into his own ideas about himself. He sometimes lacks the imagination to understand — enemies and companions are also people with their emotional lives.

Relations with your partners and associates are cool and dry. External caring or attentiveness to some problems, sometimes comes to a bore, only occasionally accompanied by warm emotions and genuine participation. His responsibilities from the task common to the companion, this subject singles out carefully enough and always strives to fulfill them more accurately. Sometimes, the common cause gets stuck in small details, sometimes of a purely material nature.

Usually, in marriage, these people are very ambiguous and tend to indefinitely find out their relationship, thereby irritating the spouse and leading him into despair. Often close people treat them as demanding. And the solution to all these problems is to work on yourself. But, despite the innate compassion and some kind of isolation of this person, it may well attract that partner who will criticize him, or one that himself deserves critical criticism. From his partner, this subject is waiting for reliability, and therefore sometimes early enters into a relationship.

There is a likelihood of two marriages, and the second will soon turn out to be happy, because maturity gives another sense of reality. And in a relationship with your partner, you need to learn to just give and not expecting much to receive in return. Then, as such a person becomes master of the art of bestowal, he will become happy. This aspect is suitable for military career.

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