8 House in Aquarius

The eighth house in Aquarius means that such a person is actively involved in the spiritual aspects of life. Probably the presence of mediumistic talents and paranormal mental susceptibility to the moods and thoughts of others. Often these people are involved in financial programs of large-scale events in society. They are often chosen as trustees for corporate property and inheritance.

The problem of death overtakes this person, with the loss of their close friends. The deaths of comrades, it is enough to deeply touch him, although he does not show it from the outside. All the changes are unpredictable and unusual in his life. The future throws him his ideas of reinforcing excessive loads and patterns of behavior in extreme situations. Extreme situations of this kind that do not settle into everyday life and require from the person of an inventive way of thinking and an unconventional approach.

At the 8th house in Aquarius, psychological decline, as well as external changes, are possible in two types: long and sharp. Sharp decline is due to the difficulty of getting used to the picture of the world of an unexpected idea, which for a while can divide the subconscious and force a person to live simultaneously in two realities — an extravagant new and habitual old one. If a critical crisis does not win, then it goes into a chronic crisis, when a person is not satisfied with himself, and for self-renewal lacks strength and real desire, because fear is strong before the new and unusual.

To group ethics, this subject is neutral. It is inclined to respect group interests and to make friends with everyone, although, to the questions of morality and ideology of the group, it is put without special enthusiasm, rationally and coolly. In the occultism of this man, the extravagance and complexity of the picture of the world is attracted, and of course sorcery with its capabilities of mental control of reality. Despite some rapid achievements, regular success calls him to much work. Sex is seen as a game, all stages of love are explored in an unconventional and restrained manner. Indecision in itself can come to light more than curiosity, and then sexual intimacy is tempered by coquetry and talk.

Such a person has an original intuition and expressed unusual abilities. He should not act on prepared schemes, dangerous manifestations of credulity. It attracts all esoteric, he loves to do what is called other non-traditional. Often falls into depression. There are significant difficulties in managing third-party money and general reserves. First you need to learn how to bring your finances to order. There is a tendency to free judgments, as well as courageous assessments when discussing the issues of death.

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