8 House in Cancer

The eighth house in Cancer means that this person seeks maximum honesty in relations with creditors. He focuses on the ability to independently accumulate monetary resources without outside support and to put them into circulation. He shows extreme sensitivity to the theme of his own death. He wants to be remembered with love and tenderness, so that his business continues to flourish, and all loved ones would certainly live comfortably. To the problem of posthumous existence (and also memories of him, in all hearts of loved ones), such a person is put extremely emotionally.

In all cases, interconnected with corporate money, he successfully invests in finance in development. And he makes a profit, at the expense of money, that they invested for the sake of the general welfare. Extreme situations and major changes cause this person to doubt and mystical horror in their ability to defend themselves and cope with experiences and emotions coming from the bottom of the subconscious. Passing through another change, such a person comes to life certain time, giving the psyche a chance to rebuild and adjust to new conditions.

Probably fear of any significant changes and a very negative attitude towards them. Internal crises, this subject experiences emotionally and deeply, although he is not inclined to tell about them. They are connected not so much with purely psychological as with spiritual problems, so only together with the resolution of the latter, it is possible to defeat the crisis itself.

Bad stereotypes and instincts are very strong and tenacious, and therefore from them to be released and not pleasant, and not easy. All the cares of the collective, this subject perceives quite personally and extremely zealously, striving to become for everyone, not a carer and patron, or parasitic on group energy. However, in a difficult time for a group, a person does everything that depends on him, feeling in his or her soul a patriotic and intimate imperative. It is a caring and gentle guardian, calling the collective to pity and mercy to the fallen.

With a low development — a hard manipulator, quickly orienting public opinion on the required course. The Subtle World, a given person perceives as a place inhabited by many living beings. He is a born artist and a natural mystic. There is a tendency for mediumship, as well as the ability to emotionally connect deeply to the meditation that usually affects this person, like a powerful drug. Unexpected events often complicate the life of this person.

The owner of the 8th house in Cancer has a strong propensity for prophecy, but due to vague predictions, he is prone to depression, as well as unhealthy mental states. He is obliged to constantly control his emotions, because they represent a significant danger for him, mainly if he indulges in bodily pleasures. Very likely, a significant increase in the standard of living, due to gifts of patrons and an unexpected inheritance. Serious sexual problems are possible, because, all the time, he feels the need for his partner to prove his love over and over again.

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