8 House in Capricorn

The eighth house in Capricorn means that such a person is distinguished by severity in defending his ability to receive a share of inheritance or common property. He tries to insure everything that can only be insured, and thereby reliably providing himself with compensation. If he does not get a suitable share of the property, he will be very worried. When obtaining property, legal disputes and delays in legal transactions are possible.

Changes in the life of a person with the 8th house in Capricorn go hard and long. The problem of dismissal or marriage can drag on for years, requiring him to understand something that is clearly not given to him, or a combination of purpose and flexibility that can not be achieved. As a result, he chooses to just wait. However, he does not need to be lazy or hasty in crises. He must carefully and carefully comprehend the signs of fate and work hard, creating all the necessary conditions by personal labor. Deep fears and complexes associated with the feeling of the "I" at the bottom of the deepest well are possible, from there it can never get out.

Psychological crises of this man are traditionally delayed and are often associated with bad contacts with the group. However, the main purpose of these fractures is to stimulate religious development, specific symptoms and problems need to be perceived as signs that determine the nature of the spiritual impasse. During prolonged depressions, it is likely that the individual is deeply depressed, resulting in a loss of vitality.

Relations with the team are not simple. At first, a person enters public life for a long time, but afterwards considers group ethics as the basis of personal ethics. He serves the interests of the group for a long time, faithfully and faithfully. To the occultism is wary, purposeful and materially pragmatic. But if this person becomes a magician, he can achieve great practical triumphs. This situation promises a long life and peacefully coming death. However, this person is not easy to reconcile with old age, and he is afraid of death.

It is quite cautious when it comes to managing common cash. There are great difficulties associated with the management of his partnerโ€™s property. Has a natural gift for saving, so he successfully disposes of other peopleโ€™s money. Often such people are identified by successful accountants or bankers in large firms. The main problem of their life is the ordering of the system of material and spiritual values. In collisions with foes and troubles, this person shows exceptional courage and rare courage.

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