Chiron in 8th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in resource, death, and sex. There are many different ways this placement can express itself. Materially, it can manifest through dependence on others or others depending on you too much. Physically, it can manifest through difficulties in feeling fulfilled sexually, yet being able to fulfill partners easily. Emotionally, it can manifest in great sorrow regarding death. Possibly having deaths in your early childhood or having those close to you die.

You may be able to console those who are feeling sorrow, but are unable to console yourself. Whichever these are, the important thing to remember is to respect yourself, accept the cycles of life, and let go. You can heal each of these wounds by being honest and upfront. You must learn to share your emotions in order to transcend them. You know transformation lurks behind disaster better than anyone. Clear the soot. Embrace the change.

Chiron in the 8th House

Individuals with Chiron in the 8th house have experienced loss and tragedy at an early age. These individuals may also have lived with very dramatic parents who turned the slightest incidence into a drama. They are used to drama and intense emotions, manipulation and power games. These people see the dynamics at play in relationships because of this they are expert in spotting manipulators.

These people often say little although they pick up on a lot of what is going on around them. They see how some people pull each others strings and they avoid being drawn into such scenarios. They do have compassion and understanding for the innocents such as children caught up in this whirlwind of destructive behaviour. They gravitate towards working with such individuals providing the much-needed support they need to move on.

They often identify with the story of the young woman who was desired in marriage by a powerful young man, she collected her excrement and vomit and sent them in jars to him – the message being clear this was what he desired when he desired her physically. There is however a deeper meaning in this and that is true love is seeing the beautiful in the excrement and vomit of her, as part of who she is and many may have felt that they have experienced this intense need to be accepted in totality, in which they may be wounded by those that cannot understand this need whether it is family or relationships.

With this aspect there is a strong desire to own your own excrement as part of who you are and in a world where it magically vanishes down the toilet this makes you at odds with society, who cannot love you – love your excrement, but who cannot even acknowledge that it exists. This poses a deep quandary for those whose excrement cannot be magically flushed away but stays with them, they are on the outskirts of a society that demands something from them that is impossible to achieve for it is only in acceptance of their own excrement and where it originated from that they can move forward yet they are constantly being told to flush it away and let it magically disappear.

This however makes them one of the few that can accept others in their entirety and understand that we all come with our own excrement, that is as much a part of us as our physical form. That we all suffer and in the intensity of the experience we find our true selves, and in acceptance of death and the futility of the randomness of life we find a purpose. Through our acceptance of our excrement we find its beauty and worth, and we can help others to find that beauty so they can finally love their excrement and love themselves.

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