8 House in Gemini

The eighth house in Gemini means that the complex transitional situations this person overcomes freely and easily. After all, you can always soberly realize the anticipated options for solving critical moments. There is a lightweight in approving decisions, especially concerning the attraction of borrowed funds. Often these people are in danger of getting involved in debt. They perfectly manage the general capital. Psychological crises, they are remarkably tracked and controlled, but they never keep up with them, they do not have enough time or patience for all this.

In general, people with 8th house in Gemini are coping with huge information arrays, freely connected with property and with money. Often, one way or another, they are sent to the problem of death, as well as dealing with the affairs of deceased people. They are keenly interested in everything beyond and mysterious, they are always ready to take part in the discussion of incomprehensible problems. Extreme situations, this person is able to overcome artistically and playfully, in which he is greatly helped by the mental modeling of the turning point. He is inclined to carefully weigh all the details of the upcoming changes.

With disharmonious improvement, the life of such a person is revealed full of destructive, unpleasant and contradictory changes — from the change of the country of residence and the wife, to the change of religion and sex. He must avoid the superficial judgments and analysis that can lead to a prolonged crisis and his transition to a chronic situation. In general, in itself to understand this person is much more difficult than it may seem in the beginning. Major mental difficulties in his case, consist of many small dead ends and small hooks kaleidoscopically replacing each other.

He remarkably expresses in words the opinion of society, on questions of group ideology and ethics. His attitude to the needs of the team is purely rational and without unnecessary emotions. It is subject to change, in the course of a certain group work. To the secret reality, this man shows a purely mental interest — in the beginning he seeks to learn more about everything, and then proceeds to mental manipulation with the psyche of those around him.

Talents are noted for auto-training and hypnosis. Such a person is interested in absolutely everything that concerns the mystery of death and life. He will not abate until that time, until he reaches the highest level of understanding. To all pathological inclinations, is cautious and wise. Very interested in the occult. Often shows an interest in the mental, but not the sexual side in a relationship. Although he often loves and talk a lot about sex. In relation to others, such a person often makes categorical and harsh judgments. However, it is difficult to admit personal mistakes. Can devote himself to scientific research, sexology or writing.

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