8 House in Leo

The eighth house in Leo means — even being generous, this person is always eager to control all the money. Loves to follow the objective distribution of profits and inheritance from corporate investments. Loves work in large banks and insurance companies.

A person with an 8th house in Leo always tries to control the means and values to which at least has the slightest relation. Often shows an unexpected generosity, to not so successful colleagues. Often, these people are longevity. The last sections of his life, this person opens energetically, resolutely and bravely. True, it is not always easy to reveal them, for any exploration of the unknown requires some courage and boldness. Probably the formation of fear of cardinal novelty, imperatively changing the whole life, to which, in accordance with his subconscious foresight, this person will never be able to adapt. And yet, more often than others, these people welcome change, feeling that they invariably lead to a better one.

They are courageous and hard in extreme situations, showing themselves remarkable to the surprise of not only the surrounding people, but themselves. Psychological crises are unsettled and often associated with the idea of explicit power, which a person can not get neither over people around him, nor over circumstances, nor over himself. It is necessary to humble thirst for ostentatious power and gain endurance — only then, overcoming crises will be pleasant and simple. In transitional situations, these people tend to follow ultra-high standards and pure standards, behave with dignity and noble ways. There is a desire to subordinate ethics and collective will to oneself.

At superhigh development, the ideologue-publicist ripens fervently condemning social defects and announcing unusual norms and ideals. This man welcomes witchcraft, energetically-strong-willed. He himself has a tremendous power of suggestion, as well as the ability to effectively suggest. This is an adventurer who despises death and loves risk. Excessive pleasure in bodily pleasures, can significantly reduce its vitality. Sex is for him a means of self-expression, and therefore, he prefers diversity in this area of life.

When dealing with a partner, he insists on full mutual return. He tries to fully control the property of his partner, but he is rather generous and gladly shares time and money. It is necessary to beware of exhaustion and not to overwork the heart. Often these people are attracted to the career of bankers, success in which is quite likely, because there is considerable support for society.

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