8 House in Libra

The eighth house in Libra means partners help these people accumulate a huge fortune, and they value this cooperation, doing everything to fix it. For them, partnership is the best way to earn money. Often they benefit from various kinds of insurance and wills. When solving issues of personal solvency, these people manage not to cross the line, so they rarely get into debt. They value their ability to discover new sources of profit, which are most often found in opportunities for more active and broader cooperation. They look at death more than calmly.

The person with the 8th house in Libra treats every serious change in his life objectively and reasonably, coordinating his position with the opinion of the public. He seeks to consider changes in general and it is advisable for them, to change their mental perception of the world, which in reality is not sufficiently revealed by simple occupation. Psychological stress in the life of a given person, usually associated with the loss of the place of equilibrium, on which its internal scales are based. At times, human relations with the public’s subconscious are exposed to catastrophic influences, or they become weaker, or become too frank and visible.

He seeks to solve the arising problems objectively-mentally, trying to please everyone — new and old, social and personal, selfish inclinations and higher aspirations. Such a person should learn frankness with his person, he must avoid transactions with his conscience. Relations with the group are good, because he is perfectly aware of the social ethics, which in many ways determines his personal position. In significant tasks, he will be able to find a consistent and reasonable response, to which members of society tend to listen.

The location to the occult, rather general-aesthetic. Especially appreciated is the synthetism of the occult world picture. Such a person prefers sorcery, where the Subtle World is subdued by the thought and will of the sorcerer. But not mysticism, where the Subtle World is full of different beings and animated. Such a person is able to make a marriage of convenience (for the sake of inheritance or money), in which it is later possible to be bitterly disappointed. He is soon overtaken by unhappy love, and having learned from her sad experience, with subsequent love, he tries to pay the most attention to the person to whom he bestows his favor.

He should avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, because this can lead to kidney disease. He manages to reach compromises in resolving financial disputes, and mastering this art is a testament to his maturity. Often, he tries to act as a judge who deals with organizational and financial issues. Success in banking is possible, probably a natural ability to resolve other people’s issues.

Sex can occupy a valuable place of life, but often one connection to these people is not enough. He strives to apply all the possibilities, which may lead to a great variety of addictions, but in addition to a small number of really deep and meaningful love relationships.

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