Mars in 8th House

Those born with their natal Mars in the 8th House will charge head first into the objects of their desire. The war torn planet of Mars is saturated in Scorpio’s home, Pluto’s 8th House, where twin themes of destruction emerge and bind to our deepest and murkiest secrets.

Possessive in love and money, Mars here has a need to be in control and exert domination, and can be hostage to dark impulses. Life will pull them into dangerous realms and circumstances, where they can either drown in the 8th House waters or confront their battles head on. This placement suggests a life and death struggle and themes around betrayal, trauma, abuse and losses through others.

Mars in the 8th House will tend to experience intense conflict in relationships; as they project their need to provoke the internal transformation of all their partners and heal all their hurt. There is often an involvement with the sinister side of life such as criminality, black magic, self destructive energies and such configurations can centre around abuse, rape, power struggles, divorce, loss of innocence, or having their heart ripped out by watching another experience trauma.

It is possible these people will be forced through some event to ‘choose’ life, or the conflict with shared interests and wills, or possibly an early sexual assault. Mars in the 8th House have a tremendous ability to see past the masks of other people and penetrate straight to the soul; easily intuiting the motives and needs of others.

The occult, taboo, and hidden legends may be alluring to them and they will go to war if there is even a perceived threat to their security; Mars here tends to be hyper vigilant and cautious about who they allow into their personal space. Having usually experienced intense betrayal at a young age, they are highly reticent about having their fragile sense of security shattered again. The placement of Mars here may indicate death by accident or during young age.

Mars in a watery home is volatile, yet has a mutual benefic in Scorpio’s home, as it is Scorpio’s traditional ruler. The interplay of treasures exchanged provides the promise of intense and overpowering love in their later years and the ability to give breathe regenerative energies into others. Mars here will be forced to survive, and is born into a battlefield, even if they don’t seem like it, they are always holding a sword up; ready to defend against the next person that intends to harm them.

Mars in the 8th House

You have very strong desires, and once you decide to possess something, you usually succeed in doing so. You may experience shortages of love and money to encourage you to be less possessive in these areas of your life. You have the ability to see through the false pretenses of others. On the level of karma, you can make up for past lives of greed and abuse by sharing your resources with others in need.

With Mars in the eighth house, shades of the sign Scorpio can be found in your desire nature. You may not experience true passion until later in life, but when you do, it is magical and infectious. You have some fears of betrayal and loss that compromise your trust from time to time.

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