Neptune in 8th House

The individual with Neptune in the 8th house has a water planet placed in a watery house. Neptune dissolves boundaries in the areas of sex, intimacy, shared finances, and death. Neptune can create confusion, deception or disillusionment in all of those areas. This person may feel over-whelmed and susceptible in transactions with others.

Love may used as a way to transcend ordinary reality, and to heal emotional wounds from the past. Sexual fantasies longed to be fulfilled through merging with others in a spiritually satisfying way. Neptune’s longings are difficult to achieve, and sometimes there is a death-wish or suicidal longing in the personality.

Demi Moore has an extremely potent Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house. At aged 15, her mother left her stepfather, who committed suicide two months later, a month before Demi’s 16th birthday. Demi also starred in the smash hit movie Ghost, and as most people know the film is about her husband, Sam, who is a banker, he discovers discretions and deception in some of the accounts at work.

Sam advises his colleague to investigate, but soon afterwards he and his wife (Demi) are mugged and Sam is killed. However, he remains on Earth as a Ghost and meets con-artist - spiritual medium, Oda Mae Brown, and enlists her to help him warn his wife that she is in danger. The film is very descriptive on Demi’s 8th house planets, it’s almost like she was born to play the role.

Those with Neptune in the 8th house may be interested in psychology, occult subjects and yearn to explore the hidden dimensions of life. Some astrologers believe the individual is very open to spirits, poltergeists or other eternal unseen forces. Death and spiritualism may exert a powerful fascination over the personality.

A mysterious darkness surrounds death and it is also surrounded with confusion, and some people with this placement may be confused by their sexual identities and find it difficult defining sexual needs. Sex may also be disappointing and never live-up to their fantasies.

Death, reincarnation, astral experiences, and anything connecting the secretive, mysterious, or hidden side of life are attractive. All types of therapy and healing methods may be sought; the longing for complete transformation through sexual merging, healing and other symbolism may also be explored with this placement of Neptune. There can be great sensitivity towards a partner and even psychic attunement.

Neptune in the 8th House

There is a spiritual longing with this position. You might often experience deja vus or other psychic phenomena. You pay attention to dreams and you might enjoy analyzing them. Sexual fantasies or role-playing can be strong themes in your life. You might yearn for a spiritual form of ecstasy on a sexual level - a soul connection. You might feel that your needs on this level are always just out of reach. You might be a giver in bed, and perhaps feel that you give more than you get.

Alternatively, you could be in the completely opposite position in which you seek partners who are exceptionally giving on a sexual level. Either way, there is an imbalance and you could be left wanting. This position is sometimes associated with STD’s, probably because there can be a lack of discrimination or inaccurate perceptions when it comes to selecting sexual partners if Neptune is challenged. You may not see your partner clearly because of a deep need for extraordinary or fantastical experiences.

There may be times when you give more than you take with money. If a more aggressive personality seems to want something more, you will cut them a better deal. Your shared finances may be chaotic in some way. You may be taken advantage of on a monetary level in partnership, or you might keep poor financial records and end up paying or owing more as a result. There can be a blurring of boundaries when it comes to finances and partnership, whether that means you allow a partner to control your own finances or you adopt a "what’s mine is yours" philosophy without following up on or enforcing the "what’s yours is mine" part.

In this way, you may leave yourself open to deception or even fraud. Over the years, you will likely learn to take more responsibility for your finances and learn to be less timid about taking ownership of what is rightfully yours. You can be a bit sloppy with accounting. You may have problems collecting inheritance and could encounter difficulties on a financial level through the marital partner. You are very creative and imaginative sexually, and you understand and accept a wide range of styles and preferences on a sexual level.

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