8 House in Pisces

The eighth house in Pisces means — such a person is constantly predisposed to the dangers associated with membership in corporate business (corporate) and borrowed funds. Uncontrolled growth of debts, it is possible, it will put on the verge of bankruptcy. Serious difficulties with inheritance and division of group ownership are possible.

Understanding the mortality of all living things is very painful. Such subjects do not like to think about the end of life, they hold on to life with all their might and in any way try to prolong it. There is a marked disposition towards drug addiction. To the delivery of the inheritance, this person does not take very seriously, because he feels the fundamental inessentiality of this problem for life.

The huge changes in the lives of people with the 8th house in Pisces are occurring nontotentially and as if by themselves. They occur, flow and are carried out unexpectedly, without fractures and accents. It is very important to give good attention to detail, not just resting on your intuition, otherwise you may be deceived as individuals or destiny. Extreme situations are relaxed, and even powerful overloads are given simply.

With the disharmonious development of temperament, several attempts will be required to make changes, and the share of questions remains unresolved. It is very important to realize that significant external changes only reflect the corresponding emotional changes. Psychological crises are difficult to determine, because even the person does not really understand what is happening to him. Elementary, he does not like the inner and surrounding reality, I want something incomprehensible and unclear. Internal changes are often interrelated with severe depressions, mediumship and hysteria. Getting rid of such annoyance requires a person of considerable inner honesty and great dedication.

Relations with the society are diverse and diverse, but never the collective can not completely conquer this subject — it invariably finds an outlet in the ethical group code and shifts the responsibility entirely to the rest. Such people intuitively perceive the values of the ethics of the group and manage to subordinate their personal principles to them, which makes them the favorites of many, and of course uncritical and natural conductors of the collective will.

This person should learn to be natural and at the same time respect the attitudes of the public, and for this, first and foremost one must try to understand both the group and oneself. He is quite sensitive, and when he sympathizes with someone, he is able to direct the power of personal intuition positive. He needs to learn how to act with others and help the needy. As a result, he realizes that on personal errors you can soon learn everything. When it comes to the property of a partner, the case can end with mutual accusations and deceit.

Very sensitive to consideration of their sexual abilities. This person needs to be cautious enough when it comes to the use of narcotic drugs and anesthetics, one should never be too lazy to consult a doctor about this, especially before a surgical operation. Sex may or may not be of particular importance for such a person, or he considers it an important addition to what seems to him to be paramount in a joint life when it comes to meaningful and profound emotional relationships.

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