8 House in Sagittarius

The eighth house in Sagittarius means that such a person easily achieves success by attracting borrowed funds, as well as placing finance in circulation. He has a wonderful instinct for disguised financial opportunities, intuitively anticipating the time that is favorable for concluding insurance contracts and executing wills. Often, he benefits greatly from engaging in insurance, notarial or banking matters. Often these people receive a huge inheritance without any complications. Their financial partners are friendly and reliable, due to this the growth of their well-being, is steady and stable.

During the significant changes in life, this person with the 8th house in Sagittarius behaves fervently and famously, not being afraid of anything. Although, he is somewhat superficial in assessing phenomena, which later, only you can regret. Fate can act with this person quite unceremoniously and cruelly, chasing him through changes in cracking and kicking. Extreme situations are extremely acute, and he should learn how to get out of them without forcing and plastic.

The main thing is not to focus only on one enthusiasm, but add it with logic and attention. Psychological crises are quite vigorous and often seem to him due to external factors. At the same time, the way to solve problems is one - this is an inner transformation and, of course, a transition to higher vibrations. This requires hot and fervent claims to the whole world to be transferred to oneself.

In relations with society, two extremes are likely, or he is completely identified with the collective and turns out to be a fanatic, losing his personal ethics and individuality of his opinion, or he contrasts his position collectively loudly and firmly, usually losing in a direct collision with the rest.

Occult attention is associated with the energy flows that such a person seeks to manage with the help of tense will and developed imagination. Concentration exercises should be handled very carefully. The situation is remarkable for scientific and research work. He is a refined and inventive person, resolutely interested in the philosophy of religion, life after death and the meaning of existence.

Relations with a partner can bring him great benefits. There is also the possibility of obtaining good property. Despite the huge interest in sex, there is a tendency to focus more on the mental than on its physical side. In the life of this subject, there is constant assistance from others. He can achieve considerable success in the political arena.

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