Saturn in 8th House

The 8th house erupts from labyrinths deep within the psyche, and with Saturn in the 8th house the penetrative, assertive Saturnian energies thrust the ego into shatter state. A war of twin authoritative forces in Saturn and Scorpio create a battle on the borderline of consciousness; splitting the urgency between saturation amongst the unseen and an unrelenting grip on the ego identity. Their own toxic states, which seem to emerge inorganically are purified by their own transformative processes.

This may be offset by a natural reflex to foremost seek interpersonal communion, sexual gratification or behavioral therapy to realign what they interpret as a fragmented mental process. 8th house Saturn people may experience soul piercing rejection, interpersonal trauma, emotional negligent themes around childhood and at its worst abuse, assault. Saturn is a planet of longevity, and its placement in the house of death indicates a long, enduring life unless poorly aspected.

Saturn in the 8th house catalyzes a forceful thrust into a world of isolation and causes a dark lethargy to blanket the personality, one which incites frequent lifestyle modifications in desperation. Saturn is a stern, aggressive guardian, and the ego is only lost and processed through the 8th house tunnel via typical Plutonian destruction. The input the individual regards as his or her identity constructs are peeled away, in an obstructive, enduring manner. This may be triggered by putting faith into somebody who causes a deep deception, childhood betrayals, identity related trauma and painful relationship circumstances.

The 8th houseโ€™s sexual urgency may be subtly expressed, and noticeably repressed by a formulaic Saturn. Themes around sexual anxieties, inhibition and phobia around intimacy provide a deeper insight into the unrelenting grip of the ego, one largely fearful of becoming lost amongst the energies of another being during intimacy. Once the ultimate creation through destruction has occurred, ego death through 8th house metamorphosis, the ultimate ethereal bonding and sexual ascension can become acquired through intimacy.

There is a conscious loss of separation and a transcendental fusing of shared energies once the individual has mastered slipping between the spaces of his or her exoteric being. Medical professionals may be consulted for a seemingly physiological sexual disinhibition that relates more closely to indwelling fears around subjecting the ego to a greater force, whether it be sexual intercourse or divinity.

Traditional therapy may thus be ineffective. Behavioral responses relate to irrational celibacy, sexual promiscuity, soul bleeding depression and sexual dissociation, through the obstructed emotional exchanges required of the 8th house. 8th house Saturn people can easily switch into states of catatonia when the ego feels under threat. An intuitive partner will be receptive of the conscious blockage of emotional saturation and satisfaction is suppressed.

The 8th house Saturn people may confront difficulty around savings, legacies and joint finances. Antiques and inherited belongings may carry their own resonant energies of symbolic magic, ancient mysteries and even curses; ones they are well equipped to summon sacred energy from and practical use. Suspicion may arise of tax corruption, embezzlement or fraudulent legacy practices and irrational accusations may pile against them. These individuals may implement aggressive defense mechanisms in response to a shadowy paranoia, a resonant fear of being taken advantage of or betrayed; which may relate back to the leaky sutures of childhood.

States of spiritual ascension or transcendence may be stilted by panic or intrusive and threatening thoughts and dread of insanity or losing control. The 8th house is a torrential journey through dark channels of the psyche and unconscious, the breathing and the expired, the graveyard of ashes and rebirth. The raw and forceful tugs of Saturn force a steady and contrarious experience, though the zodiacโ€™s most generous mentor alongside intense Plutonian energy streams create a battleground of mental and transcendental power and a spirit capable of extending between the material world and the supernal, co consciously.

Saturn in the 8th House

Traditionally, the eighth house was recognized as the house of death. Saturn in the eighth in a natal chart would mean a horrible death. Modern day astrologers have moved away from that line of thinking. Today we think of the eighth house as a house of resurrections. The eighth house symbolizes transformations through growth and change. As an individual you might need to re-invent yourself from time to time.

The eighth house is opposite the second house, which symbolizes your attitude to possessions. In that sense the eighth house stands for your attitude to giving up relics of the past, so you can grow and change. Saturn in the eighth house can be a powerful influence. This influence will make you simply resist transformations, change and growth. You will find it very difficult to accept changes in your life.

Any change will be stressful for you, bringing in anxiety and worry. Be aware of this influence. Understand that change is something that you donโ€™t react to well. Prepare for change. Take time to chart out a course or action plan whenever change is imminent. Read a book on managing change in your life or at work. Change, if managed well, can make your life richer and better.

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