8 House in Scorpio

The eighth house in Scorpio means — the life of this person, full of conflicts and secrets related to money, issues of change and a group of partners, death and inheritance. Operations with borrowed finance are almost always controversial. Sources of their loans, such a person keeps secret from the rest. In attracting loans, indiscreet and passionate, and therefore there is a risk of being enslaved by debt liability.

The life of a man with 8th house in Scorpio is full of problems and crises connected with the transfer of money, mutual corporate duties and monetary obligations. He refers to the replacement of the main conditions of his being, very biased and emotionally, in the depths of his soul, charging them with many illusions. He needs to remember that external problems, mostly global (suitable husband, pleasant surroundings, adequate work), are solved only as the spiritual knots are unraveled. Without this, any changes in external conditions lead only to an increase in the burden on the psyche.

With low development in extreme moments, such a person tends to fall into hysterics, freeing himself from any responsibility, emitting extreme irritation and anger and adjusting duties and guilt to others. When working on yourself, develops reliability, a sense of responsibility for others and for yourself the ability to overcome extreme circumstances without jerking and wailing. However, this is not easy, because the tensions are constantly high. Psychological crises are ordinary and deep, although they are not always visible to surrounding people. They are very emotionally worried, as a result, a person can completely change, although it is impossible to predict in advance how. The passage of crises is complicated by the bias of self-analysis and excessive emotional evaluation of oneself.

In the team, these people are respected, mainly in the discussion of ethical issues. They are able to express the truth, which the others can not or fear to express. Such a person is usually intensely interested in reincarnation and mysticism, has a hypnotic gift, and is also inclined to practice occultism. However, these witchcraft lessons for such a person are risky, since he simply becomes a puppet of bad influences. Such a person loves life, but to all problems associated with death, he treats as demanding understanding and necessary. The inferiority complex is probable, and for the sake of self-affirmation this person will expose himself to all sorts of dangers.

This person can assert himself through sex in the most problematic and unexpected forms. He knows how to get along with big finances, knows their value and is able to achieve triumph in financial affairs, managing monetary accounting and of course planning operations with money. Sometimes such people are excessively addicted to death, especially if they can not find a reasonable use of their creative energy. Usually, they stand confidently on the ground, and also avoid incomprehensible or inaccessible things.

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