8 House in Taurus

The eighth house in Taurus means that such a person loves to help a partner earn money using a joint state. Passion for beauty, pushes him to spend money on tinsel. True, it always comes to light with money, because it is able to find unknown sources of other sources. All their affairs begin and end without conflict.

Any changes in life of this person are very painful. Sometimes transformations become lengthy, which greatly exhausts the neighbors and himself. On a loan of funds, this person goes deliberately, always striving — to clearly imagine what he will have to pay for the loan. Psychological fractures are difficult, because he is inclined to focus on certain circumstances and conditional visions, regarded by him as unbeatable difficulties.

In a collective relationship, a person with an 8th house in Taurus comes with an effort. If he managed to get used to the collective, he is ready to consistently and firmly defend the interests of the community. He should learn to compromise and the flexibility of behavior between group moral values and his own ethics. The death of such people usually turns out to be calm.

Any changes such people consider as hard work — divorce, marriage, employment, change of residence and dismissal. All changes are seen as protracted and difficult, they remain in the memory of emotions even when happening at a leisurely and at the required time. Any reorganization seems to such a person to be unrealizable and hopelessly complex. In extreme moments, it takes a pretty heavy and long effort. Usually, they are revealed to him by force, although it does not become easier for all of this.

He should learn to overcome his own stubbornness, stagnation and not look for from strained situations of straightforward ways out. Psychological crises are difficult and long, without much faith in the victory and themselves. The main condition for winning a change for this person is to believe that all of them are in principle permissible. Interests of the group, this person defends adamantly and consistently. In general, he focuses with effort in areas lying between individual and group ethics — it is difficult for him to find a balance of collective need and personal desire.

He perfectly senses the magic of objects, exhibits an extraordinary capacity for massage, correctly perceives the thoughts and forms of the invisible world. The partner usually gives help to this person, especially if it helps in a timely and benevolent way. He is able to rely on his talents, when it is necessary to turn unfavorable situations to advantage.

Sexually, there are not many problems. A tendency to selfishness can be revealed. This person can apply his own characteristics for an ultra-deep study of occult manifestations. Often such people have the ability for spiritual regeneration and profound transformation. By the way, all this does not prevent him from dealing with very specific and specific cases. He must know that those people on whom they rely are really useful and reliable.

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