8 House in Virgo

The eighth house in Virgo means — because of the sensation of doubtful foundations, this subject needs reliable support. Without it, even small alterations can not be overcome. This is not a vigilant and absent-minded person, showing a strange inattention in connection with financial obligations, which leads to a loss of confidence from partners and colleagues. At the same time, in solving fundamental, strategic tasks, such a person can show amazing pettiness. Because of this, it risks losing assistance, really standing partners.

Often, the income of a person with 8th house in Virgo provides completely at the expense of business partners. Not the existence of a satisfying answer to the themes of death and life, makes this person needy in safety. With him often there are various accidents and troubles, because he irresponsibly treats with all sorts of circumstances and all the time gets in trouble. Partners help him and business, and ideas, sympathizing with his corporate weakness.

Cardinal changes in life, call such a person to a lot of concrete efforts and deeds, which he strives to fulfill with all his might, losing sight of the true meaning of what is happening. With catastrophic losses, this can serve him well. Often, such people lose sight of the meaning of the changes that are under way, and subsequently face personal irritation (in connection with the change in personal life that has taken place).

Mental crises are accompanied by a cycle on certain details, events and facts that he absolutely can not adapt to his consciousness and to which he continually returns in his negative meditations. Group ethics are perceived by him too specifically, dogmatically and mundane. He can become a wonderful financier or politician, a successful manager or minister, but never — a priest or an ideologist.

The occult interests of this man are very mundane and concrete. Real he considers only those phenomena that can be felt personally. Often, such people comprehend the art of healing massage and are interested in practical astrology. A person is quite practical, if we talk about managing someone else’s finances, and therefore can become a successful bookkeeper or banker. It is difficult to provoke interest in parapsychology and esotericism in it, since before you believe in something, it will require proof.

Sexual difficulties arise from the fact that he is too critical and analytical about his partners, as well as his sexual way of acting, makes too great demands. Probably, the latent desire for changes in the love life and while life is complicated by the fear associated with the need to discover their super-deep sexual desires. The result of all this, can become innumerable sexual adventures, which are still coveted satisfaction will not deliver.

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