9 House in Aquarius

Born when the 9th house in Aquarius, in adulthood, becomes a person of bold progressive views. Has own opinion on any issues that concern philosophy, religion and higher education. He has many friends and acquaintances who share his point of view or offer another interesting position.

Strives to receive new knowledge. It is quite easy to decide on various kinds of adventures and likes to travel. Has a genuine interest in the cultures of other nations, quickly absorbs their traditions and customs. A man born at a time when the House in Aquarius is interested in matters of being. However, the relevant information is preferred from the literature. Inspiration comes quickly to him.

Such people tend to be smart, sociable, friendly, inventive and original. Together with this, they negatively relate to the earthiness, the tediousness, and also the restriction of his freedom. They always seem to look ahead. Therefore, their ideal "I" requires behavior that corresponds to the notion of the future. The corresponding sensations arise as a result of various hints obtained from books and the media.

As for the expansion of consciousness, then such people carry it through mental efforts. However, they do not always succeed in fully understanding the new information and associating it with the established picture of the world order. This kind of person is afraid of the mentor. The problem is that he is afraid not to understand it or to perceive the information that has arrived wrong. The most important thing in this case is to explain to the person that training is not an end, but an instrument.

Often such people have new ideas arising from the study of foreign cultures. When they are realized, a person grows spiritually. These people can become excellent writers as they have a developed imagination. Curiosity, in turn, will help them become teachers of philosophy or theology.

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