Asteroids in 9th House

Eros in the 9th House

The ninth house traditionally rules spiritual beliefs, long journeys, higher education, foreign cultures, ceremonies and rituals, publishing and clergymen. These categories all have the common effect of exposing us to areas of mind, body or spirit, that have never been experienced before. Thus, Dennis Elwell described the ninth house as an exploration into the unknown.

When Eros falls in the ninth house, discovery of new and previously incomprehensible concepts, peoples or vistas ignite feelings of passionate wonder and intrigue. This Eros is aroused by new information, strange landscapes and mysterious cultures. The act of gaining this information can be an erotic experience in itself.

Juno in the 9st House

People with Juno in the ninth house tend to marry out of their own social circle. They are the most likely to marry a foreigner or someone of another race. If you have this placement you would also do well to look forlove online. Famous examples of these romantic souls include Ewan McGregor, Jodie Foster, Mariah Carey, Orlando Bloom and Carmen Electra.

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