9 House in Cancer

A man born when the 9th house in Cancer is extremely emotional and adamant in matters of religion and philosophical teachings. It is difficult for him to change the ideas about the high that have formed over the years as a result of sensory experience and acceptance of ideas. This does not happen, even if there is a powerful social impact.

The world view of such people tends more toward traditional values, to family values. They may not have a higher education, however, they always impose the need for it to receive their own children. It is believed that only this can be considered an indicator of high literacy and harmonious development of the individual.

They take religion very seriously. At the same time, the most important is the connection with those who share the same vision of the world. Such people treat their colleagues as a second family. A person born when 9 House in Cancer, travel, as a rule, only mentally. He does not like to withdraw from the usual place, although the desire to go somewhere still remains. Therefore, in his spare time, he can dream about distant countries, watch adventure films or read books.

These people want to be good family men and loyal friends. Therefore, they are very kind, gentle, capable of sincere love and care. Sometimes they want to be mysterious and mysterious. At the same time, they can resort to manipulative techniques.

For such a personโ€™s own ideal "I" is a rather intimate thing. When some disagreement occurs with him, there is a strong discomfort, which certainly leads to significant emotional experiences, and sometimes even โ€” suffering. In view of intimacy, such a person will not discuss his ideal "I" with other people. For him, this topic is completely taboo, and he admits to her only himself and then with great care.

Such a person develops through the expansion of the boundaries of his inner glasnost. This happens every time an individual interacts with the ideal "I", discusses with him the level of demand for himself. Such people are infinitely difficult to change. Even if they have a strong desire to do this, at the first difficulties they are overwhelmed by emotions, fear arises, and they take a step back. However, if the individual still manages to overcome himself, he certainly expects many discoveries, both in the external world, and in himself, his own subconscious.

To the teachers such a person is relatively calm. With them, home relationships are established, almost like with a family member. However, they are again very intimate. The reason for this lies in the peculiarities of the ideal "I" of man. Other cultures comprehend very easily, going through very emotionally. At every opportunity with a head immersed in it and does not leave until it forms a clear understanding. Many such people show great interest in archeology and history.

As a child, such a person is under the full influence of his parents. No matter how good they are in matters of upbringing, the individual will take in everything they say. However, when he grows up, he himself acquires the ability to influence people. This is due to well-developed intuition and eloquence. Thanks to this, he can become an excellent teacher, trainer, spiritual mentor, lawyer or politician.

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