9 House in Capricorn

People born at the time when the 9th house in Capricorn, differ conservatism and pragmatism in matters of philosophy and religion. They are more attracted by traditional values. At the same time, they pay more attention to the material aspects and manifestations of life. They are benevolent and render unselfish help to all who need it. In them lies the boundless desire for charity.

A man born at a time when the 9th House in Capricorn, strives to become consistent, persevering and purposeful. He easily overcomes the difficulties that arise in his life. It is distinguished by economy, asceticism and unpretentiousness. He is able to organize the work of other people. He extremely does not like wastefulness, disorder of knowledge and claims regarding fate. He thinks that only lazy people can complain.

The ideal "I" of such a person is tough, demanding, ascetic and almost emotionless. From time to time he comes across the idea that he can not correspond to his own idea of himself. As a result, for a short period, it can succumb to melancholy, and then rush to realize primitive needs.

In order to avoid such crises, a person must take timely measures and balance his own "I". A person should become more emotional, for which it is recommended to establish a truly friendly and / or romantic relationship.

The expansion of consciousness is quite easy. Such a person lacks imagination, however, if he realizes that a new view of things can bring certain benefits, he quickly assimilates. If you get into a foreign country or culture, you can not notice interest in such people. However, this is only because they hide it well. In fact, they are deeply immersed in the atmosphere and absorb the features of traditions.

Philosophy and religion for such a person is a way to learn the world and yourself. However, they refer to them as a product of consumption. Such a person is an excellent organizer, so he can become a good leader.

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