9 House in Gemini

People born when the 9 house in Gemini are guided by logic in the process of choosing own path. They have a healthy pragmatism in all things that affect their lives. In the event that they choose for themselves the path of spiritual perfection, they change the direction many times in the process, trying to choose the most successful.

They like to talk and write on philosophical and religious topics. They can also be good opponents in disputes that concern some social issues. Such people aspire to knowledge, they want to be and seem smart, intellectually savvy, strong spirit, communicative, interesting and attractive. Therefore, they constantly look for ways to help others and demonstrate their own skills.

If a person was born when the 9th house is in Gemini, then in adulthood he takes a superficial attitude to his ideal "I". His ideal self-image is rather unstable. From time to time certain traits are lost in it, replaced by others (sometimes completely opposite).

When interacting with oneโ€™s own self, one can be subject to self-deception. Therefore, it is extremely important for such an individual to find his spiritual core, on which he could rely. Otherwise, the "I" will wander, and a person will never reveal his full potential.

Such people like to argue, and they are good at participating in them. They are well-educated and have excellent methods of rhetoric and demagogy. Thanks to this, almost always come out winners from an honest discussion. Although, perhaps, instead, it would be better for them to show the power of thought. Because, resorting to demagoguery, such a person convinces in some idea not only his opponents, but also himself.

The individual forms his own ideal, focusing on the current state of affairs. His "I" should be applicable to solving pressing problems and achieving the set goals. Such people often reflect and talk about high ideas, however, they rarely get to the things with which they could make them come true.

Born in the period when 9 House in Gemini, constantly expand consciousness. In their psyche are constantly observed some changes. However, they are superficial. These people try to focus on the comprehension of spiritual truths, while in the study of some practical knowledge they show enthusiasm, often even more than necessary. Such an individual wants to visit distant countries. However, when it turns out in them, it is difficult for him to digest everything that he perceived.

These people have a good potential for learning foreign languages, they like logical philosophical ideas and theoretical knowledge. Mystical experience such people are able to perceive when he comes to them consistently and logically explained. The individual is constantly in search of truth. He is very interested in the riddles of being, the disclosure of which he would like to comprehend on his own experience.

In this everyday life, such a person may be a victim of gossip. Often he has conflicts with his family. At the same time, he later logically explains everything, but still can not defend himself against the new "attack". Therefore, he often has to stay away from the close relationship.

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