Jupiter in 9th House

The 9th house in astrology rules over higher education, religion, law, exploration, long distance travel of the mind and body. Not only those things, but also philosophy fits appropriately here for it asks the big questions and much of the nature of philosophizing pertains to questions about God. It is where we go searching, looking for the answers for the reasons as to why we are here, speculating on the meaning of life, and wondering if there is a greater purpose to existence.

We all seek meaning in our lives, expansion of awareness, and this house abstracts the individual from the mundane world into one’s deeper relationship with the cosmos. It is about placing human beings into a larger context, realizing that we belong to a wider world. Usually journeys are started after bitter disappointments, loss and despair. Sometimes something lights up in the sky, and human life need not be meaningless.

The 9th house is like tuning into the Discovery channel for its geographical nature and broad topics ruling the place of intellectual inquiry. The diversity of life is shown here and all cultures have many different foods, different ideas, literature, fresh perspectives, and more enlightened ways of living, their own set of morals and beliefs.

Jupiter governs the doors to our perceptions and takes us to high, wide and far places around the globe, mentally, spiritually or physically. Churches, atlases, travel guides, and maps of continents anything that takes us further out are all ruled by Jupiter. If we don’t find the knowledge and wisdom from our own place of birth we venture out looking for answers that are more in line with our inner truth.

We all have an inner-sage within and this is reflected in our ability to look further, to look at the sky in wonder, and realize that we are all under the same roof. Jupiter, 9th house and Sagittarius people have the ability to find value in other peoples beliefs, incorporating it into their own. In turn, this enlarges the scope and - if we are only conditioned from one perspective our world does become infinitely smaller.

Many Jupiter people can become influenced by all diverse parts around the world through expanding their horizons and it is reflected in their clothing, style, the books they read, and their religion. Jupiter, 9th house and Sagittarius people are the most colourful of the zodiac, connecting universal ideas, using their intuitive sense, and the natural insights.

The 9th house moves beyond the need for the 3rd house/Gemini need for labels or categorizations understanding that there is more meaning and placing things in a universal context. Liz Greene calls this ability to see things in a larger framework as perceiving something instantaneously, without analysis and what depth psychology calls the peak experience, and these always possess a mystical or spiritual element, filled with visions, heavenly journeys, and the sense of something larger at work.

The enjoyment of a magnificent sense of awe and wonder like standing on a large mountain top and suddenly connecting ourselves with a something more, and also standing on the threshold of a journey. In the 9th house, it is restless and is always aiming its arrow towards its destination. Moreover, it is house we question if there is something more to our earthly existence, and it’s where we set off on the path of the pursuit towards a deeper understanding of life.

However, as is the case with every journey it is about the back roads, the stumbles and the hurdles along the path that teaches us the experience of life, and the excitement of not knowing what is around the corner. We discover our answers almost accidentally as we move towards our target.

The 9th house is where we embark on the quest, journey, and pursuit for answers. It is important to know that our life can be good, possess value, and there can be happiness and that we can engage with life in a positive way. Many Jupiterians are eternal travellers, never satisfied, always searching for something more.

In myth, Zeus’ name was interpreted as Shining Sky and represents the illumination of spiritual truths, holy men and their sky journeys. Many Jupiter people are teachers, philosophers, publishers, the kind of people that increase our consciousness, illuminate our minds, involving the highly educative experience.

Jupiter/Zeus is represented by the eagle the strongest bird with amazing sight able to soar to the greatest heights. The Jupiter experience comprises the fight against evil, chaos, and the ability to use our moral judgement. It is also fighting against a feeling that one’s life is hollow, narrow, devoid of purpose.

Jupiter was the King of the Olympians the great protector and the believer of life’s endless opportunities. Also one’s faith in knowing that there is a greater purpose at work and the ability to move beyond the boundaries of the mundane world. Moreover there is also the belief that whatever happens in life is meant to be. The Jupiter type can find meaning in all kinds of events; everything is part of a purposeful pattern.

Sagittarius sometimes has problems explaining what is intuited through the use of rational language, it can be difficult when one is guided more by perception and insight, and some Jupiter people think they are chosen vessels here to spread the word of God. It can be the house of preaching rather than teaching, convincing and highly judgemental. Liz Greene’s tells us in the Astrology of Fate that Sagittarius’ fanaticism is generally closely linked with deep inner doubts. This is why people are so over the top as if trying to convince themselves of the truth at the same time.

We also have to be careful because sometimes the Jupiterian opinions can turn in my belief, my view, and my philosophy and then expressed judgment towards any other view, and this can come across as narrow minded, rather than their normally broad take on life. The Jupiter person sometimes comes armed with lightning bolts for those that defy Zeus powers of supremacy.

The great sense of largeness inherent in the Jupiterian personality of the less evolved type can reveal other, usually unlikable qualities such as showing off, bluntness, not always intended, more foot in mouth, but often blurting things out without forethought, but its arrows directed or misdirected can wound. These individuals may be incapable of setting limits, and possess certain conceitedness, hypocrisy and the grandiose self. The making of promises that they cannot keep, again, not always on purpose, the sign just thinks big.

Jupiter, 9th house and Sagittarius also rules prophecy most probably born from the individuals ability to know and understand something, intuiting visions of the future. Jupiter is also usually more benevolent, generous and good humoured, bestowing great gifts upon us, especially where Jupiter is positioned in the horoscope.

The 9th house can be a journey of wonder, fun, laughter; and it can be one big adventure. When one journey ends, we simply begin another, everything in life is said to have a beginning, middle and an end. It also rules our sense of justice and feeling of goodness in the world, governing our morals, ethics, and beliefs. It is the place where we put our faith into life, and where we perceive the deeper patterns at work. Everything becomes more significant in the 9th house and is all part of the greater whole.

Jupiter in the 9th House

You are always hungry for knowledge and wisdom. You have a naturally philosophical nature, and you enjoy sharing your opinions and knowledge with others. You can be a natural teacher, and you love the learning process. You very strongly value freedom of movement and expression. You can easily be inspirational, and find success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures.

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