9 House in Leo

It may seem that people born in the period when the 9th house in Leo, absolutely do not seek fame and fame. However, this is not quite true. Subconsciously, they are striving for growth, ascent to the main stage in their sphere (whether public, political or professional). Virtually all the energy they spend on the study of philosophical teachings or religious trends. At the same time, when they achieve certain results, they can begin to teach others.

They like to travel, but not aimlessly. They go to places where you can get new information or experience a special spiritual experience. Such people like to discuss problems concerning the formation and development of the personality even if they are almost not familiar with the interlocutor.

A man born when the 9th house in Leo looks solely at the future, almost ignoring past achievements and turmoil. They receive higher education, study religious dogmas and / or read philosophical works, usually with the goal of demonstrating oneโ€™s own worth, establishing themselves.

If such an individual follows a religious path, he is most attracted by various rituals, rituals and ceremonies. He is trying to become a mentor for all who have only recently joined the religious life. These people want to have patronage over someone. They tend to show themselves strong, confident, beautiful, noble, honest, and most importantly imperious. In this case, popularity and fame is one of the most important criteria necessary to obtain the desired.

The ideal "I" of such a person is strong and very energetic. For this reason, it strongly presses on the individual, sometimes literally forcing him to perform certain actions. Development, at the same time, occurs through the smoothing of all acute angles and harmonization. In the process, the individual renounces primitive ideas and superfluous straightforwardness. But in order to realize, a person needs to make a lot of efforts, and focus on the formation of a more clear-cut thinking, as well as awareness of the completeness of the picture of the world.

During the formation of the ideal "I" a person has to analyze past experience, find ways to reconcile with certain circumstances and learn modesty. The consciousness of such an individual is expanding very rapidly. As a result, from time to time in his psyche there is a turning point, which can completely change the worldview. When this happens, he has to make considerable efforts to adapt to unusual conditions, which can be quite difficult to do.

Such a person is very suspicious of teachers and spiritual mentors. The reason for this lies in the unconscious fear of authority. However, the individual hardly recognizes this. However, if the mentor can find the trust of such a person, then the training will go quite smoothly.

A man born when the ninth house is in Leo is an optimist. He likes to travel. Such an individual continually strives to develop his mind. He is confident, energetic, and therefore always counts only on victory, and another result he can not arrange.

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