9 House in Libra

The person born when the 9th house in Libra has a world view that is based on the principles of beauty and harmony. Such people like to visit new places. However, in order for them to go on a trip, they need guarantees that they will pass in a pleasant society and comfortable surroundings. Therefore, they often take with them on a journey people they trust: relatives, friends or colleagues. When they become acquainted with the peculiarities of the culture of other peoples, almost all attention is focused exclusively on aesthetics and products of art.

A person born at a time when the 9th house in Libra, prefer to work with cultured and educated people. Quite often such an individual seeks a companion in another country. At the same time, it is necessary that the spouse or wife should have a good education and upbringing. The character of such a person includes such qualities as elegance, refinement, elitism, tact, politeness, objectivity, developed intellectual abilities. He is proud of them, and also very much appreciates them in other people.

The ideal "I" of such a person is formed as a result of the impact of the social group in which he is. In this case, the indications that the individual gives his ideal are not always clear. Therefore, sometimes you have to make efforts to decipher them. As a rule, the "I" tells a person that his behavior at a certain point ceases to be satisfactory. It also gives advice on how to act to improve.

The expansion of consciousness in such people occurs as a result of mental perception. However, it happens rather tightly. At the same time, it will be difficult to break old ones, they were formed under the influence of society and authorities. If a person decides to change his thinking, then he must find new criteria for the perception of the beautiful.

As for the relationship with the spiritual mentor, the teacher is perceived as something abstract, from the point of view of public opinion. This is absolutely unacceptable. The study of various philosophical and religious teachings presupposes existential experiences and individual experience. Therefore, before engaging in development, the student will have to reconsider his attitude towards the mentors.

Such people are a vivid example of liberals. They seek justice in everything and strive for peace everywhere. In view of their sophistication, they can manifest themselves in art (painting or music). Such an individual begins to get irritated when faced with obscenities or awkwardness. Throughout his life, a person wants to find a practical and beautiful philosophy, which at the same time will be quite accessible. Often it is these people who begin to study numerology and / or astrology.

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