Mars in 9th House

Fiery and impassioned Mars finds a comfortable home in the expansive 9th House and relates to an aggressive need to form an intimate relationship with the ‘Godforce’ and the uncovering of universal truth through travel, cultural assimilation, education and philosophy under the compass of a gypsy spirit.

Mars is active, energetic and spontaneous; and when placed in the 9th House travel agency indicates a vigorous desire to merge intellect with imagination and the spiritual with the physical. These individuals require the sense of a greater purpose in life and may feel their ‘true self’ lies across the border, in an exotic foreign land that will only be remedied by following their pangs of wanderlust.

Mars in the 9th House are brimming with inner wells of energy and negotiate constant mental and physical restlessness. Their urgency to explore, wander and understand sinks into both the physical and academic worlds; with Mars here indicating the possibility of completely relocating from their place of belonging and overturning inborn religious or spiritual structures.

Often they become fascinated with other cultures and native myth, and may spend much of their lives travelling to far off places or charging into their own pilgrimage. The placement of Mars in the 9th House relates to the pursuit of education and an attraction to professions associated with academics, business, philosophy, indigenous outreach, psychiatry, religion, or even move overseas to teach. Mars here feel empowered by garnering knowledge and may view themselves as intellectual superiors, especially if they are academically recognised.

Mars in the 9th House are saturated with the fires burning within them and see their own divinity in the light of the sun. These individuals will be hesitant to adopt any belief that has not derived from their own experiences and pour much of their resources into individual experiences that foster the expansion of their own consciousness. Spiritually inclined personalities who possess Mars in the 9th are capable of brilliant spiritual ascensions and the ability to piece together all forms of lost and hidden myth, religious concepts and universal truth.

These individuals may become easily obsessed and fanatical and they tend to direct many resources into their own personal development and self analysis. Mars in the 9th House are typically broad minded and liberal in their world views and may experience great favour and fortune when partaking in religious pilgrimages, spiritual retreats, the ministry, charity and through travel. Much of their energies are outpoured into that personal, private relationship with the Divine, the one they want to be sure even exists, first.

Mars in the 9th House

You are open-minded and love the challenge of a debate. Avoid a tendency to become self-righteous and to disregard the opinions of others in your enthusiasm to uncover truths. You are sexually playful and energetic. Sex is somewhat of a sport for you. Honest and sometimes downright blunt, others find your sense of humor and direct approach attractive.

Your hearty laugh is attractive to others, and your zest for life is unmistakable. You love a partner who makes you laugh, and one who has something interesting to say about life.

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