Neptune in 9th House

Those with Neptune in the 9th house are people that are often drawn to mystical experiences, they believe in going beyond worldly boundaries and venturing further and further out in a lifelong search for meaning. Both planet and house symbolizes expansion and so the possibilities here are endless and dreams are big.

The individual is devoted to the experience of some kind of nirvana, enlightenment, or paradise. Along with this is also a hopeless optimism that often carries the person through the darkest nights with the light of faith, optimism, and belief. However, that same light may also be blinding, confusing and misleading, and so the energy has to be channeled in the right way.

Neptune in the 9th house has often been accused of being overly hopeful even when confronted with the bleakest actuality, and they are always looking, or more aptly, yearning for the perfect haven. The individual needs to watch out, and be highly aware of the elusive nature of Neptune and to remember that not everything is always what it appears to be. The person is often swept away by religion, ideas, or some philosophical truth, and needs to find a strong anchor to hold.

Neptune rules the deep unconscious, the well of emotional experiences, and the 9th house is our need to expand through knowledge, travel and faith. The 9th house can have a lot to say about our belief system, and it indicates our perception, world-views, and judgement. Through this house we seek to understand life and everything in the world takes on greater meaning, and we also search for universal answers, a unifying knowledge in order to make sense of the whole.

The gifts of Neptune here could be found through their ability to intuit the future; they can be something of a prophet and have the ability to read meaning in the lives of others. There is also the talent to expand their consciousness, and the person makes an excellent channel for inspirational teachings.

A great deal of beauty can be found in this placement through travel, the mind or meaningful experiences. Yet, there is also a lot of restlessness with this combination, and because the person has the ability to go beyond ordinary thinking, the type is open to all waves of thought. The individual may find themselves in a religious or spiritual journey at some point in their lives. However, they need be forewarned to try to see religion, teachers and gurus clearly, and this is not to say they should mistrust everything, only to use a healthy amount of skepticism.

Neptune in the 9th can be symbolic of the fanatic or a person who is obsessive about their religion or belief. They need to be careful so that they are not blinded by Neptune’s idealizations and the propensity of falling for promises and being alert to fraud by foreigners, through an over-optimistic or gullible attitude. With this placement there may be the opportunity to travel long distances, and perhaps an around the world cruise would be appealing.

Whatever is put on a pedestal or worshipped by Neptune in the 9th house of the horoscope there is usually an attraction to place of spirituality, mystical retreat, lost-land that they pin all of their hopes and dreams. The person may make great sacrifices for their chosen religion, new philosophy, or value system. Those with Neptune here may feel disillusioned by others in their search for the truth, and often themes of sacrifice, redemption, martyrdom are prevalent in these types.

For those with Neptune in this sector of the chart, there has to be a higher meaning to life. Occasionally this leads them down false and confusing paths; some may look for drugs to open the mind and to experience the oneness of the universe. The person could also do well, enrolling on higher education courses teaching art, music, dance, healing, religion, theatre, film, or photography and perhaps one day become a teacher in one of these areas.

Neptune in the 9th House

You believe that anything is possible and have extraordinary faith in the universe. This faith can bring about positive circumstances, but if taken too far, might lead to wastefulness and laziness. You may depend too much on being saved "one day" and avoid some practical responsibilities in the meantime. You might make lofty plans that don’t get off the ground, or that fail to materialize, because you have neglected important, practical details.

The faith you have can certainly carry you far if you keep your feet on the ground and recognize that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to steering your life in a particular direction. Your spiritual beliefs are well-developed. You are very open to unusual or avant-garde concepts, and you are especially attracted to anything exotic. You may, however, be a bit blinded in your faith, as you don’t always take the time to think about why you believe in what you do.

Some with this position might be easily led astray by concepts, religions, or cults that do not serve them well. There may be some confusion or chaos when it comes to getting a higher education. You will need quite a bit of discipline in order to complete your studies if you are seeking a degree. You could be excellent at promotion and marketing, coming up with very creative methods of persuasion. You might also be a creative and compassionate teacher. Strive to keep your larger plans and goals realistic, while maintaining your ideals.

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