9 House in Pisces

A man born with the 9 house in Pisces is very religious. In his life there are mystical experiences. He uses his faith and philosophy to solve various problems encountered in the process of existence. Such people have a great interest in literature, which is written by the guru of various spiritual practices.

They really like the symbolism of the ocean. They are not attached to any particular place or idea. Prefer to wander, travel, and sometimes even wander. Even this brings them pleasure. Issues of philosophy, religion and higher education have an intimate significance for them.

This kind of person wants to be loving, warm, gentle and soft. He is very responsive to requests, is attentive to other peopleโ€™s problems and experiences. In this case, a person who was born when the 9th House in Pisces does not like irreconcilability, rigidity, stagnation, coldness and excessive pragmatism.

These people have a very harmonious relationship with their own ideal "I". With him they have a respectful relationship, which, however, is not alien to self-admiration and dishonesty. These people are very harmful external manipulators. In cases when they appeal to the ideal "I", complete enslavement is possible. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to find the core of the worldview. However, it will not be easy to do this.

Such people expand consciousness by means of changes in the emotional spectrum and a change in the emotional response to various stimuli. So, for example, you need to think about how to make the factors that used to worry and bring to tears, now did not attract attention.

Mentors have a positive impact on such people. The reason for this is that the latter are very influenced by authority. However, this is not verbal, but in the emotional sphere. Getting to another country, such a person quickly adapts to new conditions. He is interested in another culture because of what he quickly absorbs it. Thanks to his natural tenderness and I understand, such a person can become an excellent educator and a good healer.

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