9 House in Sagittarius

The person who was born when the 9th house in Sagittarius is not able to resist the established social foundations. His philosophy is built for the most part on generally accepted moral principles. However, such people nevertheless tend to study philosophical works and receive higher education.

Society strongly presses on them, so subconsciously they are trying to discover new horizons for themselves. They prefer to spend free time on research and travel. Also, trying to go beyond the generally accepted framework, they try to realize their own individuality.

In the event that a person who was born when the 9th House in Sagittarius is once elected to do managerial work, he never again returns to his past activities. He likes to manage and give orders. Such people are avid travelers. They attract the unknown, they seek to understand the mysteries and reveal the riddles. Because of this, they can get into difficult situations. However, they manage to easily get out of them. The individual wants to be interesting to others. For this he develops strength, mind, strives to be noble and brave. However, it negatively relates to people who notice tingling, tearfulness or confusion.

Has a very energetic ideal "I". However, it is presented in a somewhat abstract form, because of what can not always be manifested in the real world. From the subconscious of such a person, interesting thoughts often fly out, but as a rule, they do not reach their goals. The problem is that ideas change one another, because of what one can not realize one. Such a person must learn to be attentive, truly kind and understanding. Otherwise, there is a high probability that he will never realize a single worthwhile idea.

The expansion of consciousness in these people is easy, but rather superficial. When they decide to change, they are filled with enthusiasm, and this is what prevents them from understanding and deeply understanding all aspects. They communicate freely with spiritual mentors, are ardent, inspired and listen attentively. However, because of their inconstancy, they can change one guru to another. The results are not very good โ€” they do not have time to learn anything.

Such a person can greatly agitate the idea of a round-the-world trip and acquaintance with the cultural characteristics of distant countries. However, even here they do not go into the topic. Their acquaintance with anotherโ€™s culture is limited to the study of "verses".

However, if a person still finds the strength and develops his full potential, then he will make an excellent traveler, translator, culturologist or scientist-encyclopaedist. As a result, he will be able to form a complete picture of the world. But it should be noted that such people are extremely susceptible to the influence of various ideologies. Therefore, it is recommended that they critically consider the information that comes to them from outside.

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