9 House in Scorpio

The person who came into the world when the 9th house in Scorpio becomes very religious in adulthood and deepens deeply into the study of philosophy. Is an ardent debater when it comes to matters of faith, ethics and worldview. He tries to keep in touch with everything that happens in the world. He can actively participate not only in religious and philosophical discussions, but also freely discuss politics. Always counting on success. For this he uses all means. The reason for the inflexibility lies in the fact that it is difficult for such a person to survive failure.

People born when the 9th house in Scorpio tend to be smart, uncompromising, determined and strong. They want absolute power over people, for which they often resort to psychological manipulation. Most of all, they do not like indecisiveness, weakness, dullness and excessive talkativeness. If they meet a person and notice these qualities in him, they immediately stop the conversation and tear the contact.

Their own ideal "I" in such people contain many mutually exclusive and contradictory ideas. Because of this, they can demand from themselves actions that are simply impossible to realize. In view of the strong pressure of the ideal, such people can absolutely not suit themselves. As a result, they develop neurosis, and then depression.

The only way to avoid negative consequences for the psyche is to train and develop the ideal "I". However, this will require a lot of work. The most important thing is to identify all the discrepancies and resolve intrapersonal conflicts.

Such people do not like to look into themselves, because their subconscious is unordered. This complicates the process of expanding consciousness. Often in order to somehow adjust the attitude of the individual it is necessary to resort to the help of an experienced mentor.

With a teacher, such a person can periodically have conflicts. Because of this, you have to take breaks in training. However, it is extremely necessary to return to it. Otherwise, a person can not quit the psychological crisis.

As for travel, such people are attracted to distant exotic countries. They are interested in solving mysteries and experiencing a special experience, which is possible only when fully immersed in someone else’s culture. Such a person often perceives what is happening around through the prism of mysticism, occultism. However, this only contributes to its development. He is quite lucky, knows how to follow the rules and is noble. Therefore, a good doctor, a teacher or a publisher can come out of it.

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