Sun in 9th House

The 9th house is traditionally seen as the house of religion, journeys and higher education. These subjects all have a way of weaving themselves together if you look at their core; they are all an attempt to understand the world around us and find meaning in that understanding. They are very different tools to come to that place of knowing but their aims are similar.

We study religion in order to better understand life and our role in it, we enroll in institutions of higher learning in an attempt to understand the world around us and bring meaning to that world and we engage in journeys and travel in order to expand our knowledge of what exists outside of ourselves and in doing so redefine ourselves.

The 9th house is that quest, to find something outside of us that leads to discovery within us. It is that quest to understand the world in an attempt to understand ourselves and our place in it. With the sun in the 9th house we see ourselves as the journey into otherness that brings us closer to who we are. We can also come to identify ourselves with any of these three areas: belief, journey, education. With a 9th house sun you may define yourself by the level of education you have received or your area of study.

Perhaps the letters after your name are a large part of definition of self and how you feel you bring worth to the world. With this placement work in higher institutions is also very common and with the sun in the 9th you may come to define yourself by your connection and success in academics. If this is the case then this journey into academia will ultimately bring you into yourself and show you the path of self discovery and mastery. Perhaps you learn from your educational experiences a great deal about who you are and what you have to offer the world, or you are forced to embody parts of yourself that you are afraid of in order to succeed.

The 9th house is also connected to belief and religion, it represents the road to discovery and with this placement you could identify deeply with your religious or spiritual belief systems, defining who you are in the world by your spiritual practice or connection to religious communities. A strong 9th house sun will also bring a drive for discovery which could involve studying your existing belief system but more likely would involve studying the beliefs of others and finding meaning in them. Either way if your connection is with belief then it is this belief that will lead you to your own individual spiritual truth.

The 9th house also represents travel (but not comfortable stay in a resort travel, travel that involves truly immersing yourself in other cultures and adapting yourself to those cultures) so with the sun in the 9th house you may identify as a traveller, or journeyer or even a chameleon who is constantly able to adapt to the circumstances that present themselves. You may find it difficult to settle into the routines of life.

Your sun wants experiences and opportunities that are new and fresh and finds great joy in exploring uncharted territory so staying in the same place in a similar routine for long can be challenging for you. Again if you come to define yourself by travel it is within these other cultures that you will separate yourself from the social constructs of your experiences and come to find your inner truth.

Sun in the 9th House

You have a deep need to understand the world around you. You have high ideals and you have your eye on whatโ€™s on the horizon. You are looking ahead, and at times can seem quite restless. You are proud of your knowledge and of your morals. Be sure to avoid self-righteousness in your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. When used correctly, you are a tolerant, adventurous, and curious person, and you want to see the best in people and in life.

Alternate Interpretation: Your thirst for learning extends beyond the classroom. You acquire much of your knowledge from people of different cultures or in foreign lands. You probably have a flair for languages, making you valuable as a translator. It is possible you will earn more than one academic degree, and function as a teacher. One of your most admirable qualities is that, by touching the lives of others, you will come to understand that all men are brothers, separated only by self-imposed restrictions. Share your wisdom to overcome prejudice and the bigotry which impedes the spiritual growth of all.

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