9 House in Taurus

People who are born when the 9th house in Taurus are very sensitive to values that look practical and are seen as beautiful and clean. Such a person, forming an opinion about the world around, draws attention exclusively to his past experience. Because of this, it is difficult to persuade him or to impose his point of view on a situation, especially if the argument is based on theoretical arguments.

They differ in fairness, they believe that all people should be equal and have equal riches. These people do not oppose the system of generally accepted values. They soberly evaluate them, and are well aware that many of the accepted dogmas do allow one to maintain peace in society.

They have a clear idea of their "I", and therefore the impact on it from the outside almost does not affect. People born when 9 House in Taurus, extremely appreciate weight, seriousness, calmness and confidence. At the same time, they are categorically negative about the superficiality and the reasonableness. Also, such individuals do not greatly revere sentimentality.

Their ideal has a strong effect on their behavior and life in general. Therefore, it is not surprising that these people can have an internal conflict. In this regard, from time to time, such a person has to compromise with himself, and sometimes completely change his point of view in order to achieve goals.

The development of such people is smooth. Their perceptions and opinions are constantly transformed under the influence of the external environment. In the event that a person closes from the surrounding reality, his ideal is replaced by primitive constructions that are completely inappropriate for the real world.

However, if the formation of an ideal for such a person has gone along a problem path, the situation can still be corrected. But we must remember that the restructuring of the picture of the world and its own "I" is difficult. To the individual this can bring great suffering, and therefore not everyone achieves this goal.

In order for a person to change his point of view, no matter how primitive and unacceptable it is, he needs to demonstrate solid evidence. He must personally verify that he was wrong. In addition, there must be a powerful incentive for it to begin to transform. However, when the reformation of oneโ€™s own "I" ends, the person is completely transformed. He will never return to his past life, as he realizes everything he did wrong and how good the new way is.

People whose Ninth House in Taurus are quite serious about the mentors. At first they show skepticism, and therefore subject the teacher to checks. The reason for this lies in the fact that interaction with the bearers of ideals, they perceive, as something extremely important. However, when they are convinced of the honesty and justice of the ideas of another person, they are doing their utmost to absorb them. Such people are very hardworking and responsible. However, they learn slowly. The point here is not in the bad perception of new information, but in the fact that they are very meticulous. Sometimes it comes to tediousness.

Such an individual is skeptical about philosophical ideas. He can start to perceive them only if he is convinced that under them there is a real, unshakable foundation. A mystical experience such a person receives only through interaction with reality. He can come to him in the form of certain circumstances or events.

The behavior of such people is directed solely at getting benefits. They are critical of what is happening, they can analyze and draw conclusions for a long time. However, people born when the Ninth House in Taurus, always looking for evidence. Otherwise, they do not draw conclusions about anything. They prefer to keep the question open, than hastily solve it.

Ideally, such a person has firm principles. Even if they contradict conscience, they will prefer not to hear their inner voice. Such people get inspiration from physical work. Their ideas and sense perception are very stable, but they lack a mystical worldview. They unconsciously seek the material.

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