9 House in Virgo

People born when the 9th house in Virgo, refer to their lives and what happens around is extremely practical. They like specific things. They are very industrious and productive. It will not be difficult for them to work hard and long, even if it’s routine. Their ideas are almost completely rid of conventions and abstractness. Due to this, they quickly find their real application in society, and society is very approving of them.

The worldview of a man born at a time when the 9th house in Virgo is almost always confirmed by some facts. When there are some new ideas, he does not take them thoughtlessly. In the beginning, they are subjected to thorough analysis. Only if, as a result of this, there were no discrepancies, they become part of a person’s personality.

Thanks to the fact that such a person likes to analyze and study everything, he can find his application in jurisprudence, and if a religious path has been chosen, then he will become a theologian. The acquisition of higher education, as well as the study of various doctrines, is given to such an individual rather hard. However, he considers it his duty to finish the business and reach the end. Such people have great respect for themselves. In particular, they are proud of the fact that all their ideas find a useful application in the real world.

A man born at a time when the Ninth House was in Virgo is very purposeful, wants to always be necessary and useful to society. He may have a desire to build his own house, in which he will feel most comfortable.

The ideal "I" of such people is formed from small things. Therefore, its formation takes quite a long time. A person collects facts, ideas, theories in order to find the only thing that will become the main feature of his ideal character. Despite the desire and a certain desire, to achieve this he will never succeed. The problem is that he is very picky. Even if something seems to him suitable at first, then he reveals a lot of flaws in it and sweeps it away. This, by the way, is perceived residual painfully.

The expansion of consciousness is very tight. The individual lacks the imagination and breadth of views to reconstruct the picture of perception. As a result, at a certain moment, a psychological crisis, depression may occur. Instead of building your consciousness anew, a person looks at the fragments of his past the ideal "I" and can not accept loss.

When such people manage to find a spiritual mentor, they show a penchant for literalism, a literal perception of doctrines. They try to make out all the cogs, and understand how everything works. However, they overlook the main thing — God is not a machine. It must be perceived in a completely different way. When such a person falls into an unfamiliar culture, he does not know where to look. The focus is endlessly wandering, as a result of which everything is perceived extremely superficially.

Mystical experiences of such a person can arise as a result of performing various work tasks. Most often he can imagine that his work is similar to clearing the "Augean stables," and he is a Hercules who does unbearable work.

Such people can spend a lot of time on business trips. In the process, they expand the horizon, which is very useful for the individual. They are friendly enough towards other people, are sympathetic and are always ready to offer their services as an intermediary.

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