Aquarius in Love

If you are an Aquarius you are a friendly and unconventional type, fascinated by everything and everyone. You easily make contact, but you remain superficial and are attached to your freedom. But, in spite of your unconventional behavior, as soon as you find someone who respects you, you enter deliberately into a relationship. This does not mean that you are willing to give up your independence, your friends or your eccentric ways. You are as passionate as anybody else, but even though you love sex, you are not a slave of it. You are very rational.

To Aquarius, love and marriage do not necessarily go hand in hand. You are the freedom fighter of the zodiac: your Aquarian antecedents were the Suffragettes, who chained themselves to railings, demanding the right to vote! And there’s something of the Suffragette in every Aquarian female. Regardless of your physical attributes, you could never be regarded as a ’doll’, a pretty, empty-headed thing - you have a fine mind, strong opinions and a desire to do something worthwhile with your life. Thus, you attract a certain kind of man, and alienate others. Strong women are feared by a lot of men.

Friendship is a key component of your romantic relationships. Whether it is because you are a little frightened of losing your heart and being out of control, you tend to keep the men you are fiercely attracted to at arms’ length. In this way, you give very mixed signals: a man senses the attraction between you yet he is confused by your apparent indifference to him.

Part of the conundrum of being an Aquarian is that while you are an air sign, and therefore a creature of ideas and ideals, you are also Fixed, which means you can be resistant to change and somewhat set in your views and behaviours. Also, while you can hold a very liberal attitude to sex and sexuality, you tend to be faithful and possessive. A paradox indeed.

Like Ms. Capricorn, you need to trust your feelings a lot more, to allow yourself to express your needs and reveal your vulnerability. Staying in a relationship through a misguided sense of loyalty and fear of change is no route to happiness and fulfilment, nor is keeping your heart locked firmly behind an armour-plated wall. Then again, the men who fall in love with you, and remain locked in your aura for eternity, do so because you are such an enigma, she-who-cannot-be-possessed, their very own Greta Garbo.

Fall in Love with Aquarius

When you are attracted to an Aquarius, be prepared to meet more eccentrics than you could ever have imagined. Aquarius collects them. It is your duty to leave an irreplaceable and fascinating impression on the Aquarius, so that he/she adds you to his/her collection. Be independent (but available), spout your opinions, and be yourself; the more unorthodox, the better. A bouquet of roses? No, no, no. An invitation to a late-night film in the harbor district? That might work…

Are you over partners who want to control your life? Own your body as well as your soul. Are you feeling trapped and claustrophobic? Then it is time for you to hook up with an Aquarius. Aquarians are independent, unpossessive, innovative, humane, original and believe in personal freedom. If you are not looking to get married and settle down by the 4th date, then take notice of an open-minded Aquarius.

Aquarians are the type of people that you do not have to put up a front with. No need to impress them with your talents and achievements, just show off your unique, individual and eccentric qualities and an Aquarian will find you most attractive. If you are a struggling actor or an out of work musician with body piercing and tattoos, an Aquarius will find you irresistible. Aquarians are people’s people. Anyone who has something interesting to say, they will openly listen to it. They might not follow it necessarily, but they take a great interest in people who are unconventional and searching for truth and honesty.

Aquarians are rarely conceited or snobby. We are sure there are a few exceptions, but it is rare. Aquarius would be just fine eating take-out with a bunch of construction workers as they would dining with royalty at Buckingham Palace.

Aquarians just like the other air signs of Gemini and Libra have endless views and opinions of how to change the world and reconstruct society. They think of themselves as visionaries. They are interested in the future and fate of humanity and whether the age of Aquarius has started. Aquarians would much rather philosophize on whether the age has begun or will it ever rather than have sex. Hold on a minute, this might not sound like an Aquarian you know, but there is a perfectly reasonable astrological explanation. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus who are two completely different planets. Uranus is the planet of innovation, personal freedom, humanity and eccentricity. It represents the New Age and detests mediocrity. While on the other hand, Saturn is the planet ruled by organization, tradition, structure and practicality.

A Uranus dominated Aquarian can be compared to a hippy who does not like to commit. They hate being locked into something permanent. They are mortally afraid of being dependent upon. Then there is the Saturn dominated Aquarian who operate much more like a Capricorn. They are very serious creatures. They like material wealth and are very concerned with a secure and successful future. They like to blend in and appear respectable in society. Normal is just fine with Aquarians ruled by Saturn. It is unfortunate however that Saturn ruled Aquarians do not have the appetite for sex as a Capricorn. They can come across as repressed or uptight. The ideal Aquarius should have a balance of both planets.

Aquarius in Love

How to Attract Aquarius

1. You must be as a cut above the mundane and normal. If you are an artist, musician, peace core worker or therapist, you are sure to capture their attention.

2. Present yourself as bizarre and different. The more unique and gutsy you are, the more you will capture their attention. Go against what is trend and popular. Bag on that BMW driving yuppie of the corporate world or the latest commercially successful Arnold Schwartzenegger movie.

3. Keep the conversation passionate and unpredictable. Aquarians love to talk.

4. Be as good of a listener as well as a talker. Aquarians have to get their point across as well. No need to hesitate discussing sex, religion and politics. Aquarians have no inhibitions.

5. Never ever refer to yourself as their significant other in any way shape or form. You are just a “friend”.

6. Be educated and informed on what is hip in the spiritual world. The more you know about the Dali Llama or Sai Baba the more intrigued your Aquarian will be with you.

Perfect Date for Aquarius

Most Aquarians are cheap and thrifty. They hate cooking and love a free meal. The most appealing place would be a local Chinese dive or take-out with a good bottle of wine at your place. Antique bookstores, local arts and crafts shows and any conventions dealing with saving the environment are always a good bet. A sure bet for a good time would be an artsy coffeehouse.

Perfect Gift for Aquarius

Crystals and ethnic jewelry, unusual decorative pieces and any books on personal growth, science, money making, poets and philosophers as well as books on how to change the world-actually any book will suffice.

What to talk to Aquarius

Be unpredictable in your conversation. Never appear average or boring. Talk about the Buddhist culture, any topic that involves saving the environment or how going to college is over-rated and that there are more intelligent people who drop out. Aquarians do like money (who doesn’t) so it never hurts to discuss how to become a self-made millionaire. After all, money gives you the power and freedom to be a wealthy hippie.

Aquarius in Bed

First and foremost they love their freedom. Convincing them that you will not impose and their freedom is a must. You may want to tell them you are moving across the country so they don’t think you’ll be around to entrap them. Make sure that you do not discuss or even think about marriage or children.

A little warning: make sure there are no interesting books lying around to distract them. Their attention span towards sex tends to fall by the wayside if there is a good book around. Fantasy games are always encouraged when it comes time to seduce your Aquarian. They love anything that is a distraction from reality. Being fun and outrageous will ease their mind that you are not looking for a commitment. Let them think this is a one-night fling and they will be taken in by your sense of adventure. Aquarians are very “cerebral”. They love people who “think”. Once you have their mind, their body will follow.

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