Capricorn in Love

If you are a Capricorn you are conservative and stylish, so you want a traditional relationship with the works. Wild affairs do not mean that much to you, but this does not mean that you are not interested in sex. On the contrary, you are a lover with great stamina (and hormones). But brief sex is meaningless to you. You are a loyal consort, an attentive parent, a good friend, a loyal son or daughter: the whole fuss and bother. You want never-ending faithfulness and you are not satisfied with anything less then that.

Love is a serious business to Capricorn. You have learned from experience that nothing comes easily: you must earn your rewards, and, fortunately, you have tremendous patience and persistence. And relationships are no exception to this life rule: you know that marriage is a working partnership, and that you are building an edifice that must last years, therefore you are prepared to do without the sparks as long as you have stability and solidity.

With me so far? Or have I missed something? You see, the celestial Goat has a fish’s tail, which links her to the watery world of feelings. Thus, you are as capable as any woman of being downed by the thunderbolt of love, which is why your common sense and innate caution are no bulwark against lust and unsuitable men. You make your share of mistakes, although, happily, you do learn from them.

Another hallmark of Capricorn is the reliance on tried and trusted methods, and the tendency to put duties and responsibilities before self-fulfilment. You can put marriage on hold because of your career, a relative’s needs or countless other factors that you consider to be more important, and you are terrified to take a risk, yet you yearn to love and be loved, and wonder why so many other women appear to be able to have it all.

What will help is placing a greater importance on your feelings. Your rational approach to life works well in your career and with the material world, but when it comes to relationships you have to go with your heart. Don’t be afraid to reveal your sensitivity and express your needs: at the end of the day, what matters more - that you did the right thing or that you found joy, and in the process made someone else very happy too? Underneath that efficient, capable exterior is a woman of passion and abandon. Please let her out.

Fall in Love with Capricorn

In love with a Capricorn? Cool and self-controlled, they live by the rules. So you should do the same. Dress up in style, be courteous, successful, admirable. Take part in sophisticated activities: theatre, art, expositions, lectures. Do not rush to get into bed. Do not be aggresive or vulgar and do not whine. Be patient: Capricorn suppresses his/her emotions and usually takes it slow.

Capricorns are very reliable, solid, disciplined, sensible and reserved. This might sound boring but they are far from it. According to the zodiac, they are one of the most passionate and sexually strong signs.

The half-man, half-goat is the symbol of Capricorn. It was known by the Greeks to be one of the most over-sexed of all the beasts. Supposedly its soul mission was to service the “over-sexed nymphs”. However, the Capricorn saves this overzealous libido for the bedroom, and prefers a more reserved well-mannered attitude in public. Behind a Capricorns honorable and dignified demeanor is an insatiable sexual appetite.

Capricorns are not normally attracted to the one nightstand; they believe everything gets better with time. “Practice makes perfect”. However, Capricorns are not considered one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac-that is romance in the traditional sense. If you like a roses/chocolate type of romance, you might want to hook up with a dreamy Pisces, loving Cancer or an attention seeker Leo. Capricorn would equate all that mushy stuff as silly and meant for teenage romance.

Capricorns are more focused on advancing their careers and achieving total success financially. This could be very attractive to a partner who understands the desire to succeed. Here is a little warning: Be aware of the Capricorn Gold Digger. It is a minority, however they are the exception. Few Capricorn’s who are unable to achieve their material needs on their own might suppress their true emotions and marry for the money. Capricorns have a very serious soul. This can be a good thing, especially when it comes to sex.

Capricorn in Love

How to Attract Capricorn

1. Name-dropping is not recommended, nor is it appearing the least bit shallow.

2. Discuss your talents and accomplishments. Capricorns are very interested in self-made individuals.

3. Do not think that you can impress a Capricorn with flashy cars and big jewels. Capricorn’s do have a love for material things, but they would much rather spend money on practical things, such as a nice house or a practical car like a Toyota.

4. Capricorns also have a very high regard for long term investments. Hence the practice makes perfect attitude towards sex.

5. One thing that is for sure, Capricorns can not deal with anyone who is not mentally stable. They need someone who is not going to go psycho on them or cause a scene in public.

6. Remember Capricorns are very observant. They just might no your next moves, even before you do. You must convincingly prove to them that you are worth taking a risk for. If you are looking for a spontaneous partner Capricorn is not it. You might want to try a Gemini or a Sagittarius.

7. If you really want to interest a Capricorn just be honest and genuine. They are attracted to quality.

Perfect Date for Capricorn

Capricorns love romantic evenings in front of the fire. Antique shopping and Arts and Craft shows are always considered a good time. A classy up-scale restaurant or café with a peaceful atmosphere is always a winner.

Perfect Gift for Capricorn

Capricorns love things that are good quality. Things that will last a long time. Nothing cheap! They love it when that someone special puts a lot of time and hard work into a gift. It shows them that you care. Leather accessories, antiques, clocks and comfortable sweaters are always a good bet.

What to talk to Capricorn

Talk about your future goals and investments. Ask about their successes and goals. Just remember, practical and functional. Leave the flashy and wacky at home.

Capricorn in Bed

Sex with a Capricorn must be private and discreet. Forget the back seat of your car or on the beach in the warm tropical sand. They are not much for public displays. They like the door locked and double-bolted. They just do not like feeling exposed. Try not to let this put you off because Capricorns are wildly passionate. Just make sure nobody is watching. No chit chat during sex. They like to be silently seduced. An intense gaze into their eyes and a lot of kissing and touching is a Capricorns perfect romance.

A good thing about Capricorns is that they look at sex as a normal passionate function. They know that practice does make perfect which allows them not to be judgmental when it comes to a variety of partners. They are always up for learning new skills in the bedroom. However, nothing too perverse. If you like to an occasional spanking you might have to hook up with a Scorpio. Definitely hold back on the bondage or kink. They will think that you are strange for suggesting it. Remember Capricorn is a very highly sexual sign. When unleashed, they are full of pure animal lust. For God sakes make sure you are behind closed doors.

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