Leo Flirting

When it comes to Leo men, it usually isn’t difficult to know whether he’s into you. This is the sign of the Lion, after all — the king of the jungle, that gorgeous, passionate beast with a courageous heart who roars out his feelings for all to hear. Leo men don’t just tell you how they feel, they show it, showering you with affection, attention and gifts galore. If he’s passionate about you, he wants to show you the time of your life, and he’ll pull out all the stops to make that happen. The trick with a Leo is to let him compete to win your heart — but also let him know you’re a sure thing. Leos are known for their bravery and self-confidence, but they’re actually quite tender at heart, and they need reassurance to know where they stand.

Leo Flirting Style: Regal and Dramatic

As a Leo, your flirting style is predominantly strong, attractive, and egotistic. A Leo’s flirting style can be adventurous and admirable as well. These people are very entertaining; they can blend in with any crowd. Leo people can carry on a conversation will multiple prospects without blinking an eye. These folks rarely have competition, due to their ability to draw attention. Many people are attracted the Leo’s gestures. Leo people are fiery by nature, but they can tame their flame to present a shining essence. These folks don’t mind displaying their hearts for prospects and romantic partners.

At times, Leo’s can get burned while being affectionate. Many of them would prefer to find long-term partners. They will attempt to turn a casual encounter into a long-term situation, which can lead to many issues in the romantic department. Their dramatic flirting style may be a turnoff for a Pisces, Taurus, or Capricorn. If you are a Leo person searching for a compatible casual encounter, find a Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio. Compatible long-term relationship zodiac signs for Leo include Gemini, Libra, or Aries.

How to Flirt with Leo

Second only to Pisces in the romance department, Leo is an easy mark when it comes to the fine art of flirting. It is a role he was made for and one that he can assume at the drop of a hat. Leo simply adorns all the attention and more the better. Don’t be subtle with a Leo. He wants, even expects, to be flirted with. And he really wants others to know that he is flirt-worthy. This king of the jungle wants respect from his admirers so never be a mean tease. Applaud him as though he was a Hollywood star; most think they are or should be.

Send your Leo flowers or candy at work and he will be thrilled. Tell his friends how much you like him and compliment him in front of them. It’s not that Leo has a big ego…oh wait, yes it is! But the lovable Lion has a sweet, fun loving ego and will be delighted to have you on his arm to show off. Don’t attempt to outshine your Sun ruled Leo. His light is brilliant enough for both of you but it’s in his illumination that you will walk. If you are getting too much attention, shift the spotlight back on him and watch him glow.

Feel free to be affectionate and friendly with your Leo. Don’t be jealous of his many fans. He needs them like the rest of us need air. Be a fan and unwavering supporter and keep him forever. Leo rules the heart, upper back, spine and spleen. Simply adorn Leo with all your heart and tell him how generous and loving his own heart is.

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