Aquarius Jealous

Outwardly cold and emotionless, often worry about their imperfections Aquarians do not like to make a scene of jealousy, the main thing for them in the relationship - one hundred percent trust the chosen one. The representatives of the partner air element sign of want to see, first of all, a true friend and associate. Aquarius are not constantly monitor your soul mate, to call at any time of the day or night with questions, where it and with whom.

However, if the chosen one yet give reason to doubt his fidelity, hardly deceived Aquarius will forgive him and take back most likely, it will cease all contact with the cue partner. Remember, men and women of this sign appreciate their freedom and the freedom of the other person, and if your soul mate is not jealous, it does not mean that they do not feel her strong feelings.

How to Make Aquarius Jealousy

Aquarians are often too busy with themselves to be jealous partner. No corner of my eye they notice any signs, and vaguely hear some ringing, but are unlikely to do something, as long as their own interests will not suffer significantly. And then it will start a long and pretty boring story with discussions, clarified, suspicions and all the rest that you or Aquarius will not like.

In jealousy Aquarius has one big advantage: it is easy to put an end to. Firstly, Aquarius is willing to believe that there was nothing (if youโ€™re willing to prove it by their behavior). Secondly, he never jealous of her ex. And you will certainly find yourself among them, if ever again give cause for this.

How to Deal with Aquarius Jealousy

Traditionally considered a sign, free of any prejudices. In addition, more than any other, he respects the freedom, as their own, and the freedom of the other person. Forcing you to anything Aquarius never will. Many of those born under this sign generally preach the idea of free love and, therefore, sense of jealousy is not acceptable to them.

Another thing Aquarians get used to your partner, and if it does not impose their way of life, prefer to maintain the relationship as long as possible. In this case, any manifestation of cheating Aquarius is willing to overlook. A good step towards the restoration of relations will be your sincerity, concern and many sincere conversations over a cup of sweet tea.

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