Aries Jealous

Both men and women born under this fire sign Aries - temperamental nature. Jealousy erupts in them instantly and vividly manifested: in words and facial expressions, and movements. Engage them in battle, to prove that your suspicions of infidelity are unfounded at this point is useless. You must wait until your favorite Aries calm down (as a rule, representatives of the anger is short sign).

They waited? Now they brew tea with rosemary and sit down at the negotiating table. Be sure to ask the lady cake (female Aries - a sweet tooth). Change angry male Aries can be at the mercy of, gently stroking his head, his weak spot.

How to Make Aries Jealousy

Aries is very jealous of activity. Accumulating suspicions tormented by doubts, and indeed worry - it is a pleasure not for them. If Aries appear grounds for jealousy, it operates in one of two ways: he leaves or eliminates the opponent; in particularly severe cases possibly their combination.

Nothing good for the relationship jealousy of Aries can not turn: he will never forget that a loved one, even for a second, gave preference to another. And that you do not have any cloud on the horizon of relations; this is a good storm cloud, with additions in the form of thunder, lightning and poorly predictable, but always destructive rain.

How to Deal with Aries Jealousy

The zeal of the sign is dangerous in the opening minutes. Usually it is quick-tempered, but easily appeased the people. They will not torture yourself with doubts, to suspect you of every conceivable sin, but on the facts of your egregious crimes will react very poorly. At such times, you need to make sure that the hand they did not have anything sharp or heavy.

In a fit of anger Aries are capable of inflicting serious injury to you and to myself. Just like Othello - first strangled and then we will investigate. When the first burst of rage Aries will take place, you can make a cup of coffee, sit down and calmly discuss the situation: either to dispel suspicions it useless, or to start a conversation about the impending divorce.

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