Cancer Jealous

Cancer zodiac sign - a restless, suspicious nature. Just give the partner-Cancer cause for jealousy, and even details of compromising you think out of the situation he himself! And if you really stumble, allowed themselves to an affair on the side, Cancer, with its well-developed intuition it feels. Share with them the experiences, doubts. Cancer will help you to overcome the crisis, and seeing that you absolutely trust him, pacify the jealousy.

However, do not hope that he would ever forget that you have given a reason for it. Most walk under the moonlight with his female Cancer: Moon Elixir - the best medicine for her. And ask her a cup of tea with lemon balm before going to bed. Let the Cancer man take care of you, allow me to indulge culinary delights - it gives him real pleasure.

How to Make Cancer Jealousy

Cancers are not just jealous - Cancer suffer. Hardly anyone else of the representatives of the zodiac doubt the feelings of a loved one cause such pain. This idea to get jealous Cancer may seem very tempting, because it certainly will "work on the relationship", carefully surrounded with attention and care partner, please surprises to win again...

However, once started jealous Cancer necessarily begins to move away from their windy "halves". Moving away and protected. Therefore, when the jealousy will end, do not be surprised if you find each other and Cancer insurmountable wall.

How to Deal with Cancer Jealousy

Jealousy Cancer wakes up only after your first careless move. They believe in loyalty to the grave, that the idea of a possible change just does not fit in their heads. Even well-informed "well-wishers" Cancers foaming at the mouth will prove your innocence. Therefore, it is better to of your "moment of weakness", the representative of the zodiac never known.

If the facts brought before them in all their glaring nakedness, for Cancers is a real tragedy. Their resentment takes the universal scope, they are either closed or will harass you prayers and homilies, showing the pain they have caused you, and how much they are suffering because of you suffer. Just at this moment some Cancers and become jealous and suspicious. The scandals are unlikely to roll, but exhaust themselves, imagining what you are doing at the time you spend with them is not.

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