Capricorn Jealous

Representatives of the Capricorn sign show jealousy just for show, they say, I have shown that I am jealous, so the partner realized that I love him. Capricorns are practical, it is inherent in them, even in romantic relationships. Jealousy robs them of a lot of energy, and when they finally get tired to suspect a partner of infidelity, without regret, push it aside and go ahead on his way.

Male Capricorn wants to see next to a woman serious and wise, which will inspire him to career feats, would not flirt with others and you will never doubt yourself. Women of this sign are ambitious, willing to fight for a place under the sun, and from a partner waiting for this aid. Keep track of your halves and revenge for betraying only the Capricorn, which could not yet be realized in life.

How to Make Capricorn Jealousy

Capricorn - these are the people that came up with the saying "time is jealous, it means love." All that matters is this: the representatives of this sign may well maintain relationships and even getting to enjoy it without feeling the partner is nothing but light and unobtrusive sympathy. And often it signals the emergence of jealousy Capricorn: yes, and it is love!

The response to this type of opening can be different: from the immediate offer to get married as part of immediate requirements. In any case, zeal for Capricorn - it is a lot of stress, and you can help to cope with it. However, if they realize they have been cheated on, they will walk away.

How to Deal with Capricorn Jealousy

If you fall in love with another man and forget about your Capricorn, according to his system of values it will be a grave crime, especially if you link the relationship. Whether banal adventure momentary delusion or loneliness pushed you into the arms of the other - all the same for Capricorn is the end of everything.

Betray the trust, in his opinion, can not be justified by any arguments, so it does not even give you the opportunity to explain. A representative of this sign is pretty much jealous, but being restrained in emotions manifest itself, rather a matter than in words. No, he will not raging, growling like a wild beast, throw in your stools or even slam the door. Just cover up quietly behind him, stepping out of your life forever.

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