Gemini Jealous

Representatives of the Gemini sign can not be called jealous. This feeling of visiting them except with a lack of communication with your partner - then in their head can suddenly come to the idea that their experiences and valuable insights shared with a loved one by someone else. Twins can not exist without the exchange of information, so if they do not have enough communication, without remorse find it on the side.

If your partner was born under this sign are the best solution for your pair, which will save from love with jealousy, becomes joint leisure activities, complete unity with each other. Buy a ticket for two at the gym, with shopping, parallel read the same book, then to discuss it over a cup of tea.

How to Make Gemini Jealousy

Gemini jealous of inspiration and creativity. They begin to do this even before there will be any whatsoever reason to (and often before there will be any whatsoever relationships). They are attracted to the very possibility of compete, surpass, show.

But here it is important to take into account one thing: Gemini is very talented think out. If you give them a little, tiny, tiny reason for jealousy, it becomes a source of inspiration. And if the occasion is too serious - wait for a volcanic eruption, death and destruction.

How to Deal with Gemini Jealousy

Physical infidelity is not at all a tragedy for the Twins, because above all they value intellectual understanding. Rather, they will feel hurt if they find out that you are someone else think is more interesting person and prefer to communicate with him. It is quite appropriate quote: "If it changes me - I forgive you, but if the betrayal she would speak badly about me - it is no forgiveness". True to hide his infidelity from Twin incredibly hard. These people are curious and, despite its superficiality, please.

If you feel that you have got its own little (or big, depending on heat of passion) mystery could gradually bring you clean water, trace, collect compromising or even arrange a test of loyalty, persuaded any of his friends to seduce you. Twins are not the owners, and not jealous, just not enticed by your loyalty, they want to know the truth. In any case, they can always solve all the problems through negotiations.

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