Leo Jealous

Leos will not tolerate attacks on its territory. Their jealousy has sharp display and can even break out from that chosen one called an old friend. Representatives of the mark - a very proud and selfish nature. Treason they will not tolerate - such happen, most likely, with the scandal sever relations. No memories of happy times spent together are not able to convince them that when offended dignity, not to nostalgia. Accessing partner simply ceases to exist.

However, the Lions themselves can not be considered very loyal. By its very nature it is the hunters. Leo man you would tie genuine concern about it and genuine admiration for his dedication and strength. A good sign you need to representatives of shine - more often indulge his lioness, praise and conclusions in the light, then it will not seek attention elsewhere.

How to Make Leo Jealousy

Leos generally jealous really bad. They are so confident in their ideal, they can not admit and thoughts that partner chose someone other than them. And if it is still necessary to recognize the Lions immediately in his chosen disappointed. It is worth seeing the man who chose not Leo and someone else? Of course not!

So jealous of Leo - is a devastating weapon in the hands of inept. If your Leo "came" to the stage of jealousy, it means you are very close to failure and you are about to write off from the accounts. The only thing that you can still do - try to reverse what happened in jest. Poor sense of humor Leo still may forgive.

How to Deal with Leo Jealousy

Any Leo is proud not only themselves but also their partner. Therefore, the slightest suspicion of treason is a blow to his self-esteem. It is based on self-love zeal Leo. He was incredibly proud when you pay attention to the opposite sex, it even allows you to take them to innocent attentions, but it always shows that it was he who possesses such a treasure in your face.

The boundaries of what is permitted to cross the Leo will not allow it. If you cross them yourself, and Leo learns about your "secret" passion - the end of everything. No, Leo does not tear you to pieces - he would never stoop to such low behavior. Just leave. Maybe this will be preceded by a theatrical performance with pretentious speeches, you did not appreciate his feelings, and how lucky you might expect, you stay with him.

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