Libra Jealous

People of the Libra sign will not make a partner of bright scenes of jealousy. They prefer to quietly look into the situation, to weigh the pros and cons, and then make a complaint. But not with the aim to convict lover of infidelity, and to restore peace of balance, to find the answer to the question whether their suspicions are true.

Libra - the conquerors by nature, so periodically they need emotional jolt. If your partner was born under this sign, show him that you are a popular person - Jealousy will keep him in good shape! However, do not fold the stick: your task is to arrange a little shake, but does not destroy the existing relationship.

How to Make Libra Jealousy

At a weight ratio of jealousy rather complex: the representatives of the mark, on the one hand, respect the freedom and try to avoid any proprietary feelings, but on the otherโ€ฆ And on the other - all of them jealous, but rarely admit it. In most susceptible Libra business can reach even up to psychosomatic diseases of nature.

So jealous of Libra especially dangerous for them. Is it a threat to the partner or partner? Yes, because it destroys love - slowly, but surely, like the water that wears away the stone. And because of her attitude can collapse when you yourself forget what gave some cause for some jealousy.

How to Deal with Libra Jealousy

The ability to stand up to the other personโ€™s point of view, the absence of prejudice and his own frivolous behavior in Libra brings to naught any manifestation of jealousy. Anyway, you have to suspect they never will, and finding at the scene, react calmly and even find an excuse. Especially if you convince them that you still treat them well and go all not going to.

We can not say that the Scales completely devoid of jealousy, just that feeling manifests itself have a very unusual way. So, knowing that you have changed them, they are "terribly jealous" in retaliation change you. Then feel quite satisfied and even try to build relationships first.

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