Sagittarius Jealous

Freedom and independence - this is the main motto of life Sagittarius. The feeling of jealousy rarely familiar with this freedom-loving natures. But if Sagittarius has become attached to a partner with all your heart, you will not give it to anyone as long as he will not be disappointed in the generated ideal. The reason for this may be a lack of attention on the part of the chosen to phrase or action, which he hurt his pride.

Sagittarius woman sometimes allows himself a flirtation, but next to him she wants to see a strong man who is banging his fist on the table and put it in place. Sagittarius man intellect important women: it does not tolerate pacifiers. If the favorite will be the real authority for him, he will not pester her jealousy.

How to Make Sagittarius Jealousy

Sagittarius are not so jealous of how much offended, and not the fact that your partner would prefer someone else, but in life in general. Well, what it is, right? At the same time, by their nature long offended Sagittarians can not, therefore, take something more interesting - for example, immersed in their own affairs and interests, or fall in love with someone else. And without malice - they succeed by itself.

If you accidentally made jealous of Sagittarius, prepare for the fact that you will have to return and win again. We suggest you not to test their love and loyalty. This, incidentally, is very exciting - and it is possible that in the process you have to be jealous.

How to Deal with Sagittarius Jealousy

If you let yourself be carried away by another person, and it will be known Sagittarius, do not panic: most importantly, do not be fooled by him from the beginning. He will forgive betrayal, deception - not. Therefore, his jealousy stems from a love of truth.

Of course Sagittarius demand an explanation, and rather lengthy (this sign generally likes to speculate) and then hint to him that his behavior is not conducive to the establishment of a strong relationship, has pushed you to commit adultery. Your light is illegal flirting was even necessary. Surely Sagittarius finds such arguments are reasonable, and decides to continue to pay more attention to you.

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