Taurus Jealous

Taurus perceive lover as the personal property. They are concerned about security, they do not like change, so experienced jealousy, will try it in himself to pay off, especially if the object of their jealousy binds the total budget or savings. But when patience will burst and jealousy overrule greed, do not expect the world. In anger Taurus terrible, sweep away everything in its path. Not heating up the situation to the limit.

Most men talk-Taurus that you have it forever, and to representatives of the wonderful sign of giving jewelry (this is their weakness!). Otherwise, if Taurus does not provide physical and emotional comfort, a warm blanket and a glass of hot mulled wine with cinnamon, they will find you in unfamiliar territory.

How to Make Taurus Jealousy

Taurus jealous patiently for a long time. Intuition tells them that something is wrong, and common sense proves that an alarming bell ringing in vain, in vain, in vain... This Taurus generally have little interest in a rival, are more concerned about their own relationship with a partner; But if they something began to change - so there is cause for jealousy.

Delay of a loved one at work, strange calls, notes and other held evidence are a thousand other explanations. Taurus are doing everything possible to ensure that their zeal had no effect on relations until you are sure that it has reason. Once this happens, you can collect things: nothing good you can not wait.

How to Deal with Taurus Jealousy

If Taurus learns that, yielding to momentary charm, you are carried away by another man (or another woman), he just tear you to pieces! And his opponent (or rival) sooner or later will kill! In interpersonal relationships, these people are terrible owners. Remember: if you are a Taurus, you belong only to him.

It’s good that they do not suffer suspicion and do not believe you defamatory rumors. But each kiss with a stranger you have to answer on all severity of the law of property. And tears, prayers and well-rehearsed scenes of repentance will not make the Taurus to forget about what happened.

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