Virgo Jealous

The reason for jealousy Virgo lies in their fear of losing their partner and being alone. Personal life representatives sign suit difficult, so guarding her struggles. Jealousy for externally cold Dev - this is a way to show a partner how much they need it, to express deep feelings for him. The best proof of love for the women of this sign will be expensive gifts.

They often think: if the partner is not cheap pets presents, mean values, and there is no cause for jealousy. Virgo male will not pester you to suspicions of infidelity, if during the day you will regularly write their love messages, calls not on some important occasion, but just to ask their health and wish you good mood.

How to Make Virgo Jealousy

Virgo is definitely deprived of talent and zeal to know it. Therefore, firstly, choosing partners who will not give the reasons for it, and secondly, if the suspicious situation were to come about, then ponder it calmly and without emotion, almost with a calculator in his hands. It was only when they came to some conclusion, go to partner with an ultimatum or a final verdict.

Here the options box just limitless: Virgo can offer "a break from each other", give you a week to make the final choice, try an open relationship, to move to a country where traditions allow polygamy or polyandry. There will not be broken any plates not suffer any Desdemona, and not a hair will fall from your head, while you do not begin to sprinkle her ashes.

How to Deal with Virgo Jealousy

Sign of the suspect, to be sure. At present Dev full of phobias, suspiciousness and they are able to bring himself to a nervous exhaustion. Always prepared for the worst case scenario, therefore, no matter how white and fluffy you no matter, Virgo always tend to see in you the potential apostate. Besides, born under this sign careful as detectives. From them will hide the slightest evidence of any deception on your part.

This is only superficially Virgo itself does not give out. All their zeal is not outside, but inside. Scandal with the "debriefing" is also not in the style of the Virgo. Most likely, they are silent, without explaining anything to anyone, go to end his life in solitude, or that there is much less, find a new partner, not so eager for the left hikes.

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