Cancer Kissing

Cancers live by their gut instincts, and care deeply about their family and friends. A Cancer will have a difficult time keeping their hands off you, as they want to show their love and desire for you by constantly kissing you. They’ll start with French kissing and get more heated from there.

Cancer Kissing Style: Dreamy Kisser

Cancerians are the sort of sentimental people who could take you to the space in terms of kissing. At the same time for that to happen, they must be spoiled right away. They need to be cherished and give back unconditionally when they get what they are searching for. They are equipped for making you go to an alternate world through their kisses without any aim of always giving you a chance to escape again to reality. Cancerians kisses are warm and delicate. You may begin abate yet your warmth proceeds for long.

A more adventurous Cancer might take you on a bit of moon watching, as they surreptitiously place an arm around your shoulders in the front seat of the car. You will then feel a gentle peck on the neck, followed by a ruffling of hair, followed by an “oh shucks you are so hot!” The following kiss will be initiated with deep inhalation, and a subsequent wet lip lock! Cancers are a watery sign. This could be the ultimate Titanic style kisses with a tendency to flounder in a sea of sensuality.

How do Cancer Kiss?

I’ve had long-term relationships with two Cancers, and let me tell you, friends, Cancers are one of the most complicated, hypersensitive signs in all of the zodiac (but you have to be complex to be a good lover). You Cancers appear hard and tough on the outside, but on the inside, you’re f*cking goo. You’re like a Cadbury Creme Egg.

Your softer side is expressed in your kisses. Your love is expressed through your lips. Your kisses aren’t cheap barstool kisses. You kiss with f*cking soul. You write f*cking love letters in your kisses. Your kisses are real deep (but not in a creepy way). After you kiss a cancer, you will feel fully satisfied — and even if they ARE just using you for sex, their kisses make you feel like they deeply and totally care about you (which they probably do. They care about almost everyone — even one-night stands).

How to Kiss a Cancer man: Needs his own timing. Put the Crab in a pinch, and romance will crack. Let him signal that he’s at ease and ready. Find a balance between best friend and sex goddess, and you’ll hit his comfort zone.

How to Kiss a Cancer woman: Needs to trust you first. You won’t earn that by flirting with her friends or telling stories about fun you had without her. Sidle up to her slowly, keep her warm, put your arm around her, and her shell will slowly soften.

Cancer Ideal Kissing Partners: Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.

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